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All West Select Sires
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Ask your All West representative about our new sires available gender Selected to add more top-quality heifers to your herd.
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If you are looking for a great way to get acquainted with our Jersey sires, check out the Jersey Mating Guide straight off the press!
All West Select Sires
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What a great week for Select Sires' daughters at the 2017 California State Shows in Tulare, CA. Huge congratulations to all of our winning customers!

All West Pantry

All West/Select Sires offers animal care products which meet a strict set of guidelines and support our mission: "to provide the livestock industry with superior genetics, products and services through a cooperative association.” The products we carry help producers maintain healthy cycling cattle, get cattle bred with highly fertile semen, properly time artificial insemination for superior conception rates and result in satisfied, profitable customers.
All West Pantry
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"While you may be taking every precaution possible to make certain that your herd is getting all of the love, care, and attention that they need you may still be experiencing environmental challenges."

So what else can you do? Take advantage of Select DTX, on special now until April 30, 2017.
All West Pantry
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Got mycotoxins this spring? DTX is your answer for all this wet weather that puts additional challenges on your cows! Better than a binder, DTX covers a wide array of toxins. Contact your All West Sales Rep and take advantage of the DTX special now through April 30th!
All West Pantry
All West Pantry2 weeks ago
"Interactions amongst multiple mycotoxins are unlikely to produce signs and symptoms with which we are normally familiar. Worse, they will produce serious injury in your cows."

Turn to Select DTX for relief from these problems! Contact your All West Rep today to learn more about this money saving promotion, extending through April.
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Temperatures are already rising in All West Territory, just in time for spring breeding. Avoid heat stress with these simple tips and contact your All West Beef representative for additional assistance!
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"Our cow/calf production system has to make money," Animal Scientist Cliff Lamb stresses. "Now, the herd is paying for itself. It can survive. A lot of that is about getting cows pregnant."
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Happy Earth Day and thank you to our ranchers, who are year-round stewards of the land!