Grazing Specialists

Enjoy the Advantages of Select Sires’ Grazing Specialists

Pasture-based dairying can be a viable option to produce milk while increasing profits and reducing input costs. There is clear scientific data that shows U.S.-proven genetics are a superior source of grazing genetics. In fact, recent research shows that bulls whose daughters perform best for a particular trait under confinement production systems are also best for that trait under grazing situations.

One of the advantages of Select Sires’ large scale program is the enormous variation available in the genetics of the 1,500 Holstein bulls that Select Sires owns. When the large group of available sires at Select Sires is screened for the specific needs of grazing herds, it becomes evident that there are bulls that transmit high component yield, outstanding mobility and high fertility as well as, if not better than, any other genetics in the world. Based on sound science and research, Select Sires’ grazing specialists are selected to increase the profitability of grazers in the U.S. by transmitting superior production yields, greater longevity and mobility, moderating stature, improving component yields all while not compromising fitness traits such as Daughter Pregnancy Rate and Somatic Cell Score.

Select Sires Grazing Specialist Listing


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