Sire Listings for Beta-C

The technical definition of A2 milk is milk that is free of the A1 beta-casein.  A1 milk has come under scrutiny by many in the medical field, supposedly linking that particular type of milk to health issues such as Type 1 diabetes, heart disease and autism, according to a paper published by New Zealand Professor of Farm Management & Agribusiness, Keith Woodford.  His original findings were released in 2007, and since that time, the awareness, and even promotion of A2 milk, has seen tremendous growth in popularity in New Zealand, Australia and parts of Europe. Click here for the full post



Code# Name Beta-C Code# Name Beta-C
7AY93 Berkely A2A2 7HO8081 Planet A2A2
7BS826 August A2A2 7HO9925 Yance A2A2
7GU438 Levi A2A2 7HO10700 Mauser A2A2
7GU445 Lightning A2A2 7HO10721 Bookem A2A2
7GU446 Novak A2A2 7HO10723 Spur A2A2
7GU447 Phonze A2A2 7HO10999 Bradnick A2A2
7JE1038 Valentino A2A2 7HO11038 Talbot A2A2
7JE1088 Colton A2A2 7HO11118 Brokaw A2A2
7JE1149 Dimension A2A2 7HO11275 Arnett A2A2
7JE1163 Irwin A2A2 7HO11279 Moonboy A2A2
7JE1169 Topeka A2A2 7HO11283 Mayfield A2A2
7JE1184 News A2A2 7HO11373 Biggio A2A2
7JE1190 Fastrack A2A2 7HO11419 Headliner A2A2
7JE1219 Oliver-P A2A2 7HO11451 Jim A2A2
7JE1242 Nitro A2A2 7HO11488 Branson A2A2
7JE1274 Axis A2A2 7HO11524 Dante A2A2
7HO11525 Donatello A2A2
Code# Name Beta-C 7HO11546 Emulate A2A2
250HO11837 Mccord A2A2 7HO11567 Midland A2A2
250HO12413 Ezio A2A2 7HO11585 Sterling A2A2
250HO12589 Jacoby A2A2 7HO11597 Zeus A2A2
250HO12746 Rambo A2A2 7HO11724 Shandro A2A2
250HO1009 Brewmaster A2A2 7HO11749 Courageous A2A2
250HO1118 Pepper A2A2 7HO11752 Bob A2A2
250HO1131 Salt A2A2 7HO11757 Sutton A2A2
7HO11833 Rennie A2A2
7HO11836 Miles A2A2
7HO11839 Monocerotis A2A2
7HO12165 Montross A2A2
Code# Name Beta-C Code# Name Beta-C
7AY111 Reagan A2A2 7HO12095 Mallinger A2A2
7BS872 Tequila A2A2 7HO12111 Dragonheart A2A2
7BS881 Hijack A2A2 7HO12195 Butler A2A2
7BS882 Moonlight A2A2 7HO12198 Kingboy A2A2
7BS883 Nordic A2A2 7HO12212 Honeybee A2A2
7BS886 Hi-Tower A2A2 7HO12236 Bayonet A2A2
7GU467 Ernie A2A2 7HO12266 Yoder A2A2
7GU470 Newton A2A2 7HO12344 Rager-Red A2A2
7HO12422 Aicon A2A2
7JE1294 Barnabas A2A2 7HO12541 Comet-P A2A2
7JE1344 Matt A2A2 7HO12568 Sargeon A2A2
507JE1352 Later A2A2 7HO12569 Heisenberg A2A2
7JE1354 Texas A2A2 7HO12593 Union A2A2
7JE1385 Moore A2A2 7HO12597 Lylas A2A2
7JE1411 Windstar A2A2 7HO12601 Franchise A2A2
7JE1412 Sovereign A2A2 7HO12602 Hang-Time A2A2
7JE1437 Sangita A2A2 7HO12605 Azor A2A2
7JE1438 RisingTemp A2A2 7HO12611 Ferdinand A2A2
7JE1447 Seven A2A2 7HO12615 Scenario A2A2
7JE1454 Reflex A2A2 7HO12669 Zipit-P A2A2
7JE1460 Rok A2A2 7HO12670 History-PP A2A2
7JE1462 Sunburst A2A2 507HO12671 Bandares A2A2
7JE1471 Milton A2A2 7HO12708 Loyola-P A2A2
7JE1477 Saint (4) A2A2 7HO12722 Markley A2A2
507JE1482 Clay A2A2 7HO12723 Gamma A2A2
7JE1486 Fizz A2A2 7HO12724 Wiggins A2A2
7JE1503 Ronaldinho{3} A2A2 7HO12757 Boone A2A2
7JE1505 Pogba {4} A2A2 7HO12761 Bergen A2A2
7JE1507 Signal A2A2 7HO12769 Kenyon A2A2
7JE1510 Merit A2A2 7HO12784 Robert A2A2
7JE1512 Ride A2A2 507HO12787 King Royal A2A2
7JE1513 Eminence {4} A2A2 507HO12788 Frazzled A2A2
507JE1516 Dynasty A2A2 7HO12814 TRUE Pp A2A2
7JE5004 Chrome A2A2 7HO12816 Nitrous-P A2A2
7JE5016 Pflex {5} A2A2 7HO12819 Outsiders A2A2
7JE5020 Striker A2A2 7HO12852 Millionaire P A2A2
7JE5022 Detour A2A2 7HO13281 Miller-P A2A2
7JE5031 Prestige-P A2A2 7HO13289 Megastar A2A2
7JE5032 Victorious A2A2 7HO13302 Megaman A2A2
7JE5037 Gamer A2A2 507HO13398 Superfly A2A2
7JE5040 Flash A2A2
7JE5041 Triumph {5} A2A2
7JE5043 Posterboy A2A2
7MS359 Blaine A2A2
7MS360 Md Justice A2A2