Sire Listings for Beta-C

The technical definition of A2 milk is milk that is free of the A1 beta-casein.  A1 milk has come under scrutiny by many in the medical field, supposedly linking that particular type of milk to health issues such as Type 1 diabetes, heart disease and autism, according to a paper published by New Zealand Professor of Farm Management & Agribusiness, Keith Woodford.  His original findings were released in 2007, and since that time, the awareness, and even promotion of A2 milk, has seen tremendous growth in popularity in New Zealand, Australia and parts of Europe. Click here for the full post

Code# Name Beta-C Code# Name Beta-C
7HO12236 Bayonet A2A2 7JE1344 Matt A2A2
7HO12422 Aicon A2A2 7JE1385 Moore A2A2
7HO12541 Comet-P A2A2 7JE1411 Windstar A2A2
7HO12569 Heisenberg A2A2 7JE1437 Sangita A2A2
7HO12593 Union A2A2 7JE1447 Seven A2A2
7HO12597 Lylas A2A2 7JE1471 Milton A2A2
7HO12601 Franchise A2A2 7JE1477 JX Saint {4} A2A2
7HO12602 Hang-Time A2A2 7JE1486 Fizz A2A2
7HO12605 Azor A2A2 7JE1503 JX Ronaldinho {3} A2A2
7HO12611 Ferdinand A2A2 7JE1505 JX Pogba {4} A2A2
7HO12615 Scenario A2A2 7JE1507 Signal A2A2
7HO12671 Bandares A2A2 7JE1516 Dynasty A2A2
7HO12708 Loyola-P A2A2 7JE1532 JX Magnet {6} A2A2
7HO12787 King Royal A2A2 7JE1537 Wichita A2A2
7HO12788 Frazzled A2A2 7JE1540 JX Stormcloud {4} A2A2
7HO12814 TRUE Pp A2A2 7JE1545 Drew A2A2
7HO12816 Nitrous-P A2A2 7JE1562 JX Harvey {3} A2A2
7HO12819 Outsiders A2A2 7JE5004 Chrome A2A2
7HO12837 Zamboni A2A2 7JE5016 JX Pflex {5} A2A2
7HO12852 Millionaire P A2A2 7JE5020 Striker A2A2
7HO12878 Slater A2A2 7JE5022 Detour A2A2
7HO12896 Heineken A2A2 7JE5032 Victorious A2A2
7HO12901 Had Me A2A2 7JE5040 Flash A2A2
7HO12929 Sly A2A2 7JE5041 JX Triumph {5} A2A2
7HO12943 Curry A2A2 7JE5043 Posterboy A2A2
7HO12970 D-Rock A2A2 7MS360 Md Justice A2A2
7HO12982 Barcuda-PP-Red A2A2 7MS361 Gianni A2A2
7HO13281 Miller-P A2A2 7XD1535 Syndergaard A2A2
7HO13284 Lonestar A2A2
7HO13289 Megastar A2A2 507HO12897 Samuri A2A2
7HO13302 Megaman A2A2 507HO12898 Superspring A2A2
7HO13398 Superfly A2A2 507HO13607 Magictouch A2A2
7HO13592 Cam A2A2 507JE1482 Clay A2A2
7AY111 Reagan A2A2
7BS872 Tequila A2A2
7BS882 Moonlight A2A2
7BS889 Hilton A2A2
7GU467 Ernie A2A2
7GU468 Ladys Man A2A2
7GU471 Randall A2A2