Select DTX

Select DTX is designed specifically for feed challenges caused by molds and their metabolites.

Common signs that cows may be suffering from these challenges are poor reproductive performance including weak heats, cystic ovaries and even abortions. Other signs include loose manure, low or erratic feed consumption, reduced milk production and elevated somatic cell counts. If your cows are experiencing these symptoms, contact your Select Sires representative today to learn more about Select DTX and turn up the heats in your herd!

The Benefits of Select DTX – Testimonial

 “I was really sold on DTX when we fed it to a group of 8 cows that lost a lot of body condition due to a respiratory infection. We treated the cows and put them on grain without much improvement, until we added DTX. Within 2 weeks, every cow was back to gaining rapidly and by 4 weeks they were back to a good body condition.”   Alexandria Addison – Greenwood, SC



Currently feed additives that treat mycotoxicosis can be grouped into two categories: mycotoxin binders and probiotic solutions. Clays and mannaoligoasacchariedes are the binders available on the market. Clays are the oldest of all mycotoxin treatments. Their effectiveness is limited both by the amount and number of different mycotoxins they bind. Typically most effective on aflatoxin and least effective on deoxynivalenol (DON, vomitoxin), some DFMs may bind important minerals and generally have a high inclusion rate in the diet. Some DFMs may aid milk production; however toxins continue attacking the cows lower gut and internal organs. Ultimately the damage is still happening and will take its toll on health and in the form of productive, reproductive and immune system failure. Increasing the nutritional plane is a solution and will only mask the real problem and can be quite expensive.


Select DTX is a unique direct-fed microbial product that is more effective than other DFMs because of the presence of L-form Lactobacillus bacteria. Select DTX is designed specifically for problems caused by molds and their metabolites, mycotoxins. Select DTX should be fed when: feed ingredients are moldy or mycotoxins are suspect; when symptoms of mycotoxicosis are present and when feed assays show the presence of multiple toxins or when one toxin is particularly high. Common signs of mycotoxin poisoning, which are clear indicators that Select DTX should be included are: loose manure, low or erratic feed consumption, reduced milk production, elevated somatic cell count, and poor reproductive performance including weak heats, cystic cows and even abortions. Select DTX enhances the immune system to overcome the negative effect of mycotoxins in feed.


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