Why We Do What We Do



Add Value to Your Herd

Providing genetically superior bovine semen to customers is the gold standard at Select Sires. Supplying the A.I. industry’s most reliable reproductive resources to customers is an important component in turning genetically superior semen into a pregnancy.

“When we deliver a unit of semen, we not only want to supply the best genetics available in the world, but also the technical support to transfer that unit of semen into a pregnancy,” says Mel DeJarnette, reproduction specialist, Select Sires Inc. “We recognize that reproduction is one of the primary challenges facing dairy and beef producers today. Our goal is to elevate the reproductive expertise of every person on the Select Sires supply line so they can help customers improve the reproductive performance of their herds.”

“At Select Sires, we know one person can’t solve every breeding problem from coast to coast,” DeJarnette explains. “We have a network of representatives visiting herds routinely that are an important part of the Select Reproductive Solutions package. These people want to be part of the team to make our customers stronger financially. That’s why we are committed to elevating the reproductive expertise of every person in the Select Sires network.”

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