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“I would like to think that we are good herdsmen and we do know our cows but it still does beat us to the punch with cows. CowManager will pay for itself. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.”


Maximize profit with timely insemination
For years, dairy operations have depended on timely and efficient breeding in order to maximize profit. The biggest challenge dairy farms face in this area is ‘heat detection’, or knowing when an individual cow goes into heat.

CowManager is the most accurate heat detection system on the market. It will provide reliable data about heat intensity and heat stage. By combining these alerts with cow data, CowManager provides valuable insights into the cycles of your individual cows. All the information you need for maximizing heat detection.


Early disease detection based on individual cow behavior
The key to success in all transition and fresh cow programs is to keep cows healthy. The transition period is also when a cow’s peak for lactation will be determined. CowManager will alert you immediately whenever a single cow is not eating or ruminating. The resulting early intervention will save you money on labor and antibiotics and reduces milk drops. CowManager is also an outstanding tool for monitoring the recovery of sick cows, providing you with ongoing insights into substandard cow behavior and ear temperature.


Improve health and milk production with balanced eating and rumination
Keeping your cows eating and ruminating is key to maintaining their health and maximizing milk production. Any decline in this area may be an early indicator of health issues, and possible extra costs. With CowManager, you will have accurate measurements of the number of minutes each cow spends eating and ruminating. With this insight into the eating behavior of individual cows, management groups and the entire herd, you will know exactly how to ration your herd. CowManager is also an excellent tool for monitoring your cows’ eating behavior in the transition period

“If only cows could speak!”

“ I was very reluctant when the first computerized ‘cow translators’ came out, but have to admit: they work! Why? Because the computer observes and reads the cow 24/7 non stop, there is no way we will ever be able to do that.”

Van Bedaf Dairy, ND – 1800 cows

Don’t just take out word for it  We let our customers tell you. CowManager supports dairy producers by developing a simple to install and easy to use ear sensor system.

“CowManager is a very innovative automated cow monitoring system, much like a ‘Fitbit’ for cows, that provides you with precise and continual data monitoring on every cow in your operation. The system includes a durable ear-mounted electronic sensor that records individual cow activity data, feeding time, rumination, resting time and ear surface temperature. Numerous third party studies have validated the accuracy of CowManager data.

The data from each sensor is continually streamed into an internet-based server that provides hourly updated alerts for cows in heat and sick cows. CowManager system owners are provided with the opportunity to access their breeding and sick cow alerts on a computer or a mobile device and system owners can also designate access to their data alerts for other members of their management team.

CowManager is simple to install and easy to use and the solid-state equipment in the CowManager system network ¡s backed by a full replacement 5-year warranty. With well over 500 systems performing for dairy and beef producers in North America, the CowManager system has been time-tested and improved to perform well in all types of housing and climates. CowManager system owners also receive excellent service and support, which ¡s provided by the expertise of the Select Sires network of system specialists throughout North America and backed by the CowManager experts at Agis Automation in Holland, the farmer-based company that developed the CowManager system.

The CowManager system is very reasonably priced and for less than seven cents per cow per day, you can expect the CowManager system to provide diligent and accurate monitoring of your cows activity and health status every day of the year for 24 hour per day, which makes CowManager the most cost-effective and productive employee you can have on duty in your operation”.


®CowManager is a registered trademark of Agis Automatisering


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