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A Genetic Business Plan for Your Dairy Operation

Developing a herd of cows with the type and production you demand, that’s the goal of the world’s most trusted mating program, Select Mating Service™ (SMS™).


•   Saves you time in daily herd management


•    Results in more consistency in the type traits that correlate to longer-lived cows


•   Manages inbreeding and controls recessives through in-depth pedigree analysis and computer technology


•   Promotes genetic progress for traits that are both high and low in heritability


•   New genetic ranking program provides the option to enhance your return from years of genetic investment


•   New sire selection index program provides the ability to create a custom sire ranking for selection of genetics that specifically fit your goals


Professional SMS evaluators use research, computerized analysis, cow knowledge and good relationships with dairy producers to build better cows throughout the world, one mating at a time. They work hard to save you time, protect your investment and meet your standards.


Multiple Programs Available:

Cow-Based Linear Evaluation Each cow is evaluated using 17 primary traits that are 10 percent or more in heritability. Evaluating the total cow is important due to many correlations between traits.


Pedigree Mating (SMS II™) Pedigree information is used for inbreeding and recessive management on heifers or cows. SMS even allows you to utilize the type of information of the dam, if evaluated, to better predict the parent average type of the offspring.


One of the most critical aspects of any successful business plan is the training of the staff expected to carry out the plan. Your dairy operation depends on hard-working, trained personnel, and so does your genetic business plan. Select’s professional SMS evaluators combine good old fashioned cow sense with the most advanced computerized analysis to work with you to achieve your goals.


Select’s professional evaluators attend regular training and see milking daughters from across the country to help guide you with physical results. They work hard to establish a breeding program that will accelerate herd improvement to meet your breeding program goals and take pride in producing results you demand.


Each year, Select’s professional evaluators meet at the Evaluators’ Conference to discuss new technologies and recent trends and view progeny of Select’s current lineup and potential graduates, all with the customer in mind.
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