He may only be with us as an employee for a few more days, but our memories with Maynard Axelson will live on forever after he officially retires on May 31, 2021. Maynard joined the team in 1990 and will leave his legacy as one of our most reputable Select Mating Service Evaluators.

Maynard was not only raised on a dairy farm, but operated one himself as a dairy producer for many years. With this unique background and experience, becoming an SMS Evaluator for All West/Select Sires came naturally to Maynard. His customers, many who he already knew prior to being hired, quickly became his friends and trusted Maynard’s knowledge and expertise to make important genetic decisions for their dairy operations.

Maynard lost his beloved wife, Kay, to a three-decade long battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Leukemia cancers in 2009, but credits much of his success to her. “I truly appreciated all she did for our family and our farm to keep things going while I was busy assisting others in my job at All West. For a city girl to join my life and quickly learn to feed calves with my dad, coach our son’s Little League team, host on-farm tours, and end up as Washington State Holstein President was beyond admirable and she did a fantastic job.”

Maynard and Kay’s pride and joy, their son, Chris, was an outstanding student through grade school and served as captain of his high school golf team. Chris is now married to his wonderful wife and the couple lives in Seattle, Washington where he works for Google.

“Chris and I have had some great mountain climbing adventures,” Maynard recalls. “We’ve climbed most of the high peaks in Washington and Oregon and he even did a couple in California. We have some great stories to tell from that hobby!”

Maynard got a “second chance at marriage” as he says to his lovely bride, Laurie, when the two wed in 2019. According to Maynard, Laurie has already made lots of new and exciting things happen for him and he just hopes he can keep up with her ambitious attitude!

Lately, the Axelson’s can be found entertaining friends on their deck where they tend to come up with a long list of projects, anxiously awaiting Maynard’s newfound free time in retirement. Aside from the many plans Maynard and Laurie have on their To-Do list, Maynard is also very active in wildlife activities.

He is the founder a nonprofit waterfowl foundation, the Washington Brant Foundation, which keeps him busy with work alongside students, teachers, and parks and recreation organizations. Maynard’s favorite part of these activities is the many great visitors who come from near and far to learn more about the unique wildlife species.

Maynard also enjoys the occasional opportunity to auctioneer at local benefit auctions for children’s hospitals, Rotary clubs, and more.

Although it doesn’t seem that Maynard will be slowing down any time soon, we wish he and Laurie happiness, health, and much more time to do the activities that they enjoy together in retirement.

Thank you for your many years of passion, expertise, and friendship, Maynard!

Please watch the video above to hear more about Maynard from the All West/Select Sires Legacy himself!

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