The 2022 All West Annual Meeting took place in Seattle, Washington as it does traditionally during the last week of each February. Twenty-three All West Directors and Delegates were excited to gather together in-person again, after having to hold this important meeting virtually for the first time ever in 2021.

Aside from collaborating and making important decisions for the future of All West, the members and staff in attendance got to hear from several special guests during Friday morning’s Informational Session.

Larry Roth of Agrarian Solutions discussed how a wide variety of animal health care products, available from All West/Select Sires, can help cattle achieve their genetic potential.

Nick Randle and Nic Buttars of Zoetis shared information about their exciting new partnership that has been established with All West/Select Sires and CowManager and explained how dairy producers can utilize CLARIFIDE Plus.

Jeremy Howard of Simplot Animal Sciences presented information about the use of SimVitro HerdFlex Beef Embryos in dairy herds to maximize efficiencies.

Dave Thorbahn, CEO of Select Sires Inc., joined us to share an overview and update of all things taking place at Select Sires Inc.

All West/Select Sires employees including General Manager/CEO Rory White, Karl Krangnes, Tony DeMello, Geneva McCall, Pat Wolf, and Megan Forsman presented information about their respective departments of the cooperative and answered questions from the membership.

Once the official business was complete, the attendees and their guests enjoyed a true blast from the past at the evening banquet. We were unable to properly celebrate All West’s 80th Anniversary due to last year’s meeting taking place on a virtual platform, so this year’s theme encouraged celebrating All West history over the decades. All West board members shared photos and stories of the past and celebrated 81 years of All West success in style.

Speaking of many years, several All West employees were honored for their legendary years of service including: Pat Wolf (20 years), Tony De Mello (20 years), Greg Silva (25 years), Marvin Correia (30 years), and Karl Krangnes (40 years). Three recent retirees were honored for becoming All West Legacy members upon their retirements including Pat Brown (almost 50 years), Rene Meyers (35 years), Bill Van de Graaf (30 years).

One of the highlights of the evening banquet was honoring Dennis Areias as he completed his two-year term as All West/Select Sires President. As a result of the election that followed, Jerry Lanting was elected to the role of current All West/Select Sires President for the upcoming two years and Director Jace Leal was elected as your new All West/Select Sires Vice President.

Dennis has served on the All West/Select Sires Board for over 35 years and was honored to received this recognition. “This organization is truly a family-run operation that we can all be proud of. The people I have met and the friendships I have made in this leadership position are second to none,” said Dennis. “I was honored to have the opportunity be your president. I am not going too far, I am just leaving the podium.”

Pictured here, Jerry Lanting presented Dennis was a sculpture of one of his favorite cows as a small token of our appreciation for his leadership.

The All West/Select Sires Executive Committee now includes (from left to right): Jim Regli, Randy Kortus, Jerry Lanting (President), Dennis Areias, Andy Collman, Paul Golob, Johnny Machado (Alternate), Ranie Rupard (Alternate) and Not Pictured: Jace Leal (Vice President), Frank Ausman, Jonathon DeGroot, and Bob Vander Poel.

Thank you to all of our dairy and beef producers who joined us this year! We are already looking forward to next year’s meeting in sunny San Diego, CA!

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