The second annual Western Dairy Showcase was a great success, with even more participation than last year’s inaugural event. A total of 122 exhibitors, ranging from just 15 months old to age 21 showed over 300 entries on our very own West Coast colored shavings at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds in Turlock, California. Thank you to the dedicated show committee members for making this experience possible for the youth in our territory and beyond!

Thank you to Judge Rich Silacci and Associate Judge Carly Olufs, who is an All West Dairy Program Specialist. They made a great team and worked so well with the youth exhibitors. It was a wonderful learning experience for all!

Novice Showmanship Results: 1st – Kylie Vieira, 2nd – Luke Brasil, 3rd – Emma Miguel, 4th – Mackenna Mello, 5th – Brielle Martins, 6th – Tyler Ahlem, 7th – Emma Mast, 8th – Heath Douglass, 9th – Rylin Matheron, 10th – Tristan Van Vooren

 Junior Showmanship Results: 1st – Natalie Silveira, 2nd – Allie Humphreys, 3rd – Frank Borba, 4th – Caroline Vieira, 5th – Gianna Rebiero, 6th – Gino Wilson, 7th – Reese Ahlem, 8th – Chloe Chapman, 9th – Kestin Martin, 10th – Makenna Martins

Intermediate Showmanship Results: 1st – Morrisa Ralls, 2nd – Riley Whisler, 3rd – Lauren Silveira, 4th – Xavier Silveira, 5th – Sophia Vieira, 6th – Mikel Mull, 7th – Jack Pareira, 8th – Madelyn Ralls, 9th – Maycie Higgins, 10th – Addison Coelho

Senior Showmanship Results: 1st – Logan Silveira, 2nd – Jon Chapman, 3rd – Olivia Cunha, 4th – Blake Zimmer, 5th – Josie Beoshanz, 6th – Avery Oliveira, 7th – Trevor Hath, 8th – Madison Blount, 9th – Ryan Hath, 10th – Macie Silva

Congratulations to the owners of these beautiful Junior Champions!

Supreme Junior Champion sired by 250HO12961 DOC
Hightide King Doc Lizzie, 1st Summer Yearling, Fernandes, Airosa, & Zonneveld, CA

Reserve Supreme Junior Champion sired by 7HO14477 WARRIOR-RED
Silver-Elite Warr Roxy-Red, 2nd Summer Yearling, Logan Silveira, CA

Thank you to Cowsmopolitan, Inc. for the great show coverage and photos. You can see all of their show results and photos here

As a proud sponsor of this event, All West/Select Sires would like to share candid photos taken by our Manager of Communications Mackenzie Yerian during the showmanship classes. These photos are free to view and download here, courtesy of All West/Select Sires!

We look forward to seeing you there next October!


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