250H1009 Brewmaster

250HO1009 Mapel Wood BREWMASTER gained two points to earn a new classification score of Excellent (95) during the recent classification of GenerVations sires. Not only is he the top sire for GLPI (+3203) in Canada, he ranks among the top-20 GTPIĀ® sires in the U.S. at +2298. A Garrett son, he transmits exceptional Fat (+75F, +0.21%F) and CFP (+94) with high NM$ (+531) and low SCS (2.73) and CE (6.6% DBH).

13 new Excellent sires.

250HO1062 Genervations MERGER (EX-93)

250HO1073 Boldi V S G ANTON (EX-92)

250HO1091 Lookout Pesce HILTON (EX-91)

250HO1109 Stantons CAMARO (EX-90)

250HO1096 Misty Springs SPECIFIC (EX-90)


There were 18 new Very Good sires including the following that all received their first score:

250HO1134 Stantons SERONA (VG-88)

250HO1146 Genervations LUMINEER (VG-88)

250HO1140 Ste Odile PETRUS (VG-86)

250HO1113 RockyMountain LODGE (VG-86)

250HO1120 Stantons CAPTIVATE (VG-85)

250HO1124 Stantons ENCOUNTER (VG-85)

250HO1132 Lookout Pesce HADLEY (VG-85)

250HO1141 Gillette Sgo MESSENGER P (VG-85)

250HO1123 Stantons MOTIVATOR (VG-85)

250HO1136 Lonsdale Bt SHERPA (VG-85).

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