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I’ve seen my fair share of sire summaries.  Back in the days before social media, proof days were crazy with phones ringing, copy and fax machines running, and offices crowded with people wanting to know the latest numbers.

Obviously, as we’ve evolved and grown more tech savvy, those days are gone and have been replaced by the demand for instant knowledge.  When proof numbers are released, there’s a world-wide surge in online activity as you, and customers around the world, check in on current and new release sires.

But while we acknowledge that it’s changed our role in delivering raw data to each of you, it hasn’t dimmed our enthusiasm for what proofs really stand for…the next generation.  And as people who live, eat and breathe genetics, we still get fired up when proof day draws near.

Next week will be no exception.  We have a class of potential candidates that are truly exciting and are great testaments to the careful, well planned work of the sire selection group.  HEADLINER, STERLING and DADDY are just some of the bulls that Sire Analyst Kevin Jorgensen talks about in his article in this issue.  We’ve seen some of those daughters milking already in the Central Valley and they look extremely promising.  Tim Baumgartner writes about the continuing momentum in the Jersey Revolution and we’re also hearing reports of great customer satisfaction with many lineup sires.

That’s what doesn’t get old.

When you truly enjoy the genetics side of the industry, it’s exciting to wait and see what bulls really do debut with high numbers and what cow families are transmitting time and time again.  But beyond that, it’s rewarding to see and hear about your successes with these potential new release bulls.  No one is more thrilled than our sales and technician teams when you point out a great Select Sires daughter.

Times change.  The information we deliver to you these days hopefully provides more in-depth stories of what’s happening in our own All West territory and the world beyond.  We distribute more email newsletters such as DiamondCUTS than we do print newsletters like the Bullhorn.  We give you more detailed information on fertility bulls and health traits, as much as we still talk about cow families.

And that never grows old.

We’re just as fired up about next week’s proofs as ever, and we hope you’re looking forward to a great run as well.  Whether you have daughters of some of the potential new release bulls in your milking herd or are contemplating using some semen after proof day, please know that we appreciate your continued business with All West/Select Sires.  Just like our excitement for proofs remains strong, our commitment to providing you with the best products AND the best genetics team, never grows old.

CHANGES in proof information:

Recently, Select Sires agreed to advanced testing of our A2A2 sires conducted by the A2 Milk Company. Select Sires is the only A.I. company using this certification. Sires certified as A2A2 will be labeled with this logo starting with August proofs.


Heifer Conception Rate (HCR) and Cow Conception Rate (CCR) will be available in the Select Sires sire directory beginning in August.

HCR is defined as – a maiden heifer’s ability to conceive defined as percentage of inseminated heifers that become pregnant ta each service.  An HCR of 1 implies that daughters of this bull are 1% more likely to become pregnant as a heifer than daughters of a bull with an evaluation of 0.

Only breedings for which the heifer is at least 1 but less than 2.2 years old are included.

CCR is defined as – a lactating cow’s ability to conceive defined as percentage of inseminated cows that become pregnant at each service.  A CCR of 1 implies that daughters of this bull are 1% more likely to become pregnant during that lactation than daughters of a bull with an evaluation of 0.

The first five calvings are included; only breedings for which a cow is at least 2 years old.


New proof information is headed your way TUESDAY, August 11th!  Following is a brief schedule of when you can expect information to be available and where!

Aug. 11
-Official production & type date released
-High Ranking Sire Report (www.allwestselectsires.com)
-JPI Listing (www.allwestselectsires.com)
– August 2015 lineup available

Aug. 12
– Proof and price list available in late afternoon

Aug. 13
– Top 100 TPI Sires available (www.allwestselectsires.com)

Be sure to watch our All West Facebook page for additional updates and daily information during proof week…and all year long!

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