4 of the Top 5 Angus Sires for Registrations in 2022 call Select Sires Beef home! THANK YOU to all of our amazing customers, breeders and bull partners for making Select Sires the leader in Angus genetics!

#1  7AN580 GAR HOME TOWN:  Gardiner Angus Ranch commented, “We are grateful for the confidence among Angus seedstock producers to make GAR Home Town the No. 1 high use sire in the Angus breed. We knew Home Town had the potential to become a legendary Angus sire. But like all GAR sires, he had to prove himself against the stiffest competition. Home Town is the result of five decades of disciplined selection for calving ease, early, explosive growth, maternal function and carcass quality. Our only business is the beef business. Our goal is to product Angus cattle that provide our customers the opportunity to pursue value and profit.”

#2  7AN528 Deer Valley GROWTH FUND

#4  7AN466 SAV RAINFALL 6846

#5  14AN502 Tehama TAHOE B767

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