Pre-breeding Season Planning(6 months before AI)


Nutrition (Consult a veterinarian or nutritionist)
Provide adequate nutrition for:
• Cows and first calf heifers to calve at BCS 6
• Heifers at 65% of mature weight by breeding
• Adequate mineral supplementation
• Upward plane of nutrition through breeding season


Herd Health (Consult a veterinarian)
• Pre-breeding vaccination minimum of 30 days prior to breeding
• Ensure knowledge of BQA guidelines for injections (IM) and proper needle size
• Reproductive tract scoring of heifers if desired
• Begin synchronization protocol at a minimum of 40 days post-partum.


Estrus Synchronization and A.I.
• Have adequate facilities and labor for gathering cattle, administering synchronization treatments, and AI
• Choose the best synchronization protocol for your herd from the ARSBC approved protocols. If you choose to deviate from this list, consult a reproductive specialist at Select Sires before doing so.
• Acquire pharmaceuticals from your veterinarian
• Create a calendar to follow with synchronization treatments and AI dates
• If heat detection is desired:
– Have trained labor available to observe cattle early AM, mid day, and late PM, and breed using AM/PM rule
– Use heat detection aids for assistance such as tail paint or chalk, Estrotect® Heat Detectors, or KaMar® Heatmount® detectors.
– Ensure the correct product is given on the correct day at the correct dosage.


• Use proven sires that will help accomplish the goals you have for your breeding and marketing program(s).
• Acquire semen well in advance of the day of insemination


Days of insemination
• Practice proper cattle handling to reduce stress and overheating, as stress reduces fertility.
• Have adequate shelter for semen thawing and AI gun preparation, review semen thawing and handling procedures. Avoid exposure to wind and sunlight.
• Warm the AI syringe prior to loading semen straw to prevent cold shock to the semen.
• Water thaw temperature for thawing should be 95°F. Verify temperature using thermometer. Thaw units may exceed a safe temperature when left in vehicles.
• Keep semen warm after thawing and ensure proper AI gun hygiene
• Inseminate at the correct time, in accordance with heat detection or synchronization protocol
• Place semen in the uterine body.


Post insemination management
• Reduce sudden changes in nutrition during and after breeding

• Avoid cattle movement 4-45 days after breeding to prevent embryonic loss.


• Plan, plan, plan…
• Understand every part of what you are doing
• Have realistic expectations for AI pregnancy rate
• Consult one of our reproductive specialists for more information on any of the above

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