If you are looking for a great way to get acquainted with our Jersey sires, check out the Jersey Mating Guide straight off the press! You’ll notice the addition of 7JE1354 TEXAS and 7JE1335 JORDACHE to the proven lineup has strengthened our offering with more Type, components and fertility.


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For your customers with higher conception goals, right now you have access to 5 of the top 10 SCR proven sires and 8 of the top 9 genomic young sires. Select is home to 12 Jersey sires with +3.0 SCR or higher! Also, take another look at 7JE1274 AXIS (+595CM$) and December grad 7JE1331 VARICK (+546CM$). Both are top-10 NM$ and CM$ sires without a JX prefix. Below I’ve categorized many of our current Jersey Super Samplers by their prominent strengths. Just tap the link to see more about each. Enjoy your day!

Elite production Super Samplers

7JE1503 JX Ronaldinho {3}

+665CM$   +158CFP   +1,760M   +192JPI


7XD1535 UR Syndergaard

+663CM$   +110CFP   +1,395M   +199JPI


7JE1561 JX Thomas {5}

+660CM$   +131CFP   +1,143M   +183JPI


7JE1540 JX Stormcloud {4}

+620CM$   +111CFP   +1,070M   +175JPI


7JE1536 JX Godfather {5}

+612CM$   +130CFP   +1,767M   +177JPI


Jersey Super Samplers transmitting high component %

7JE5015 Showdown

+0.12PRO% +0.20FAT%


7JE1499 Solar-PP

+0.11PRO%   +0.21FAT%


7JE1411 Windstar

+0.11PRO%   +0.29FAT%


7JE1385 Moore

+0.09PRO%   +0.24FAT%


Great Fitness Jersey Super Samplers

7JE1528 Disco

+9.1PL   +1.9DPR   +2.8LIV   2.76SCS


7JE1529 Doorman

+8.7PL   +2.2DPR   +2.6LIV   2.74SCS


7JE1549 JX Wave {3}

+7.1PL   +0.9DPR   +1.5LIV   2.70SCS


7XD1535 UR Syndergaard

+6.4PL   +2.4DPR   +3.7LIV   2.80SCS


7JE1516 Dynasty

+4.3PL   +2.2DPR   +3.0LIV   2.98SCS



Jersey Super Samplers excelling in Type & JUI


7JE1503 JX Ronaldinho {3}

+2.3T   +16.3JUI   +3.9SCR


7JE5020 Striker

+2.1T   +18.5JUI


7JE5004 Chrome

+2.1T   +26.9JUI


250JE1511 Wildcat

+2.0T   +29.7JUI


7JE5032 Victorious

+2.0T   +34.7JUI   +4.4SCR


250JE1543 Channing

+1.9T   +25.6JUI


7JE1528 Disco

+1.8T   +31.1JUI



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