You’ve heard of “Angie’s List” haven’t you?  It’s a popular home service website that is basically an online directory for users to read about (and publish) reviews of local businesses and contractors.   All West is fortunate enough to have our own “Angie” and she’s made a list of current recommendations that she’s using for her customers, including proven and genomic young sires.  Angie is a fantastic SMS evaluator in central California.  Here are some of her picks this fall:

7HO11985 TETRIS – 781NM$, 2.4SCR, calving ease and negative stature
7HO11946 MIDNIGHT – a rare EPIC son, huge health traits with 100 CFP, calving ease.  A definite cross for MOGUL blood
7HO11621 MAYFLOWER – Snowman son, 2600M with 1.1 DPR.  Another good cross for MOGUL
7HO11525 DONATELLO – A no-holes profile with awesome health traits and 131 CFP
7HO13284 LONESTAR – A unique combination of 2000M with 165 CFP and 3.1 DPR, calving ease, moderate stature and 2.2 SCR
7HO13592 CAM – A JEDI son with 152 CFP, 863 NM$, 2.3 DPR and very moderate stature
250HO13267 DUKE – Huge CFP at 203 with an SCR of 2.7.  He’s backed by three generations of SSI breeding

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