Part of the #Connect To 7 Series

Want to get to know members of the All West team better?  We’re introducing you to some of our superstars at All West and combining some storytelling, some fun facts and some insight into what the All West team is made of!

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7 Questions with Fred Jorgensen
Dairy Program Specialist, Orland, CA

Part of the #Connect To 7 Series

1. Years you have been working for All West/Select Sires?
15+ years as an evaluator, 3-4 years as a relief breeder (maybe a little longer)

2. First job at All West/Select Sires?
Relief breeder for Bob Sexton in Orland, CA

3. Approximate number of miles traveled each month?
A little over 3,000 a month

4. Favorite road trip story?
My favorite road trip stories would probably include the former livestock photographer Stan Gross and I cannot go into the details of those travels!  Other than that, the evaluator’s conferences are usually a lot of fun!

5. Favorite bull in the past 5 years?
Right now I’d say it’s Mogul. He’s the best udder bull I can recall.

6. Customers… business partners or family?
Customers are definitely a mix of business partners and family. Some of them you get a lot closer to than others for a variety of reasons. For example, I tend to be closer to my customers who share common interests and hobbies with me outside of the dairy business. Other times, you share common interests within the business as well. Yesterday, I was visiting with a customer who has Mogul, Supersire, Headliner, and Mccutchen daughters coming and we are both excited to see them develop in his herd. It’s going to be really fun!

7. Best advice (for someone new to your position)?
You have to know cows, be able to get along with people and tolerate many hours of travel. Some people can do one of these, some people can do two of them.  The hard part is finding people who can excel at all three. Extra: What do you do with your spare time? I have a hobby herd of beef cattle and I still enjoy hunting. A big portion of my time is spent with family, including my two grandchildren.

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