1 Semen Quality.

The effort and intensity placed in Select Sires semen quality control program is unmatched in the industry. Sample straws of each collection of every sire are evaluated by highly trained laboratory technicians using the latest scientific technology. Select’s quality control program is based on parameters of semen quality that are scientifically proven to have the highest correlations with field fertility.Only the highest quality most fertile semen is retained for inventory.

2 Sire Fertility.

In addition to industry fertility evaluations,Select’s in-house evaluation system ranks sires six times annually using the most advanced statistical methodologies and a database containing a rolling yearly average of 1 million services.Many industry systems contain three or more years worth of data, restricting evaluations to a single year allows for more prompt detection of changes in sire fertility over time.

3 More High Fertility Choices.

With the largest dairy lineups in the industry, Select offers more sires that are above breed average for fertility.Sire Conception Rate, which is the new USDA index for service sire fertility has a high correlation (greater than 90%) with the Composite Fertility Index TM (CFITM) developed by Select Sires. Select’s CFI was the first national sire fertility index and the new USDA index only validates our approach to estimating sire fertility.

4 Research.

At Select we constantly strive through research efforts to improve every aspect of what we do. This effort is facilitated by Select’s Program for Fertility Advancement™ (PFA™) herds.Now more than 125 herds strong containing over 100,000 cows, this program is a valuable asset for field testing and validation trials of novel semen processing technologies. The PFA is the only private research program of its kind in the world.

5 Proprietary Technologies.

Never satisfied, Select Sires’ researchers are always searching for areas of improvement. Select currently uses and continues to develop exclusive lines of revolutionary semen extenders and sperm cryo preservation procedures.

6 Sire Health.

Though a major advantage of A.I. is to reduce the spread of disease, in the absence of an intensive and aggressive sire health program,A.I. also becomes a very efficient vector for disease transmission. Each of the more than 1,800 bulls at Select Sires were screened for numerous diseases at the farm of origin and again during isolation upon arrival. Resident sires receive the very best housing and health care available for the duration of their A.I. career. Few humans have had as many complete physical examinations as a Select sire, with staff veterinarians performing in excess 50,000 health tests annually.

7 Solutions.

Although producing highly fertile semen is certainly a core of Select’s business,semen quality is typically not the cause of reproductive issues experienced by many of today’s large dairies. Select has established the industry’s largest battery of highly trained Reproductive SolutionsTM (SRSTM) Specialists to assist producers in identification and diagnosis of problems and constraints to reproductive performance. The primary responsibility of these SRS specialists is to produce more pregnant cows. Select’s SRS specialists and professional A.I.technicians are on the front lines fulfilling that mission every day. Through the Portfolio of Reproductive SolutionsTM, Select Sires offers all the tools needed to improve reproductive performance.

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