Another record setting Holstein graduating class, the largest in many years, 7HO10524 ROBUST has been the most successful sire of proven sons since 7HO8081 PLANET and 7HO6417 O MAN. The combination of Robust x Planet has been one of the magical crosses of all time.In 2016, the domination continues with the April graduating class. One of the most elite, and certainly one of the largest classes ever at Select, with a total of 15 new 7H graduates, two new 250H graduates and one 7JE new graduate. Select has a commanding lead on Holstein’s Top 100 TPI list with 10 of the top 12 sires which includes four of our April graduates. In addition, 15 of the top 25; 25 of the top 50 and 35 of the top 100 call Select Sires home. We are stronger than ever!Likewise, we lead the top proven NM$ list with 18 of the top 25; 24 of the top 50 and 33 of the top 100. In addition, eight of our new April graduates rank in the top 20 for Net Merit (NM$) in the breed.–Charlie Will, manager of Holstein sire program

Some highlights:

• Elite TPI sires – nine new over +2400 GTPI® (and in the top 30 of the breed)
• Seven new sires over +$700 NM and in the top 14 of our proven lineup
• Ten new sires over +1,000M
• Elite Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) sires, 10 at or over +100 CFP
• Outstanding Type, six over +1.50 PTAT
• High Udder Composite (UDC) , three over +1.50 UDC
• Terrific Productive Life, nine over +6.0PL, all in the top 20 of our lineup
• Fertility specialists, eight have SCR values at or above +1.5, with three over +2.0
• 14 new Feed PRO sires,

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