7AN361 GAR SUNRISE now has genderSELECTed female and male semen available. SUNRISE has and will continue to play an important part in our business at Select Sires. Exceptional calving ease, under 1.0 for BW EPD and nearly 120 for YW, only tells part of the story of this sire’s greatness. With these stats, and being proven, he is the ONLY sire ranking so high with the additions of being over +1.10 (actually, +1.12 and +1.18) for both MARB & REA respectively— and with 40 progeny harvested, it was the REAL CARCASS DATA got him there, not ultrasound estimates!

The cattle are flat good, folks. I appreciate their moderation of frame, angular structure and huge capacity. They were my favorite sire group on my 2014 visit to the GAR cow herd.” Luke Bowman, Select Sires Beef Public Relations and Communications Coordinator


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