7HO10543 Garlomar Planet THORNE-ET (GM)
PLANET x (VG-88) Britt x (EX-90-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Aaron x (VG-86-GMD-DOM) Duster

• Top ranked sire at +2111 TPI and +656 NM$. In the top 10 at Select for NM$!

• Fitness trait sire: +5.1 Productive Life (PL), +1.2 DPR, 2.94 Somatic Cell Score(SCS)

• FeedPRO sire that will reduce stature (-.14 Stature)• High reliability sire: 158 daughters for production and 110 daughters for Type

• Nice Milk (+1,154) and components (+.11%F, +.06%P)

• Shottle-, O MAN- and Goldwyn-free pedigree

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