All West/Select Sires Delegate, District 01, Lynden, WA

Jon DeJong may be new to the All West Directors and Delegates as the District 1 Delegate, but his family has been in the dairy business since the early days of our cooperative! Eaglemill Farms, LLC. was started in Lynden, Washington 70 years ago by Jon’s grandfather Joe and although much has changed since then, family is still an important aspect of the farm.

Jon and his wife Shelly, who is originally from Wisconsin, have been part of the family operation since they graduated from college and married in 1997. The partnership now includes Jon’s dad Rod and his two brothers, Jeff and Mark. They are currently milking 1,400 cows. What started as a Holstein herd has transitioned over the last 10 years to now include 25% Jersey cattle. Jon and his family currently farm enough land to meet their herd’s forage needs and they raise their own replacements for the dairy.

“Select Sires has always been our partner in our herd’s genetic growth. Through excellent service and key people like Ken Haak helping us pick the right bulls, we have been very pleased with the current performance of our cows and their potential in the future,” said Jon.

Eaglemill Farms, LLC. selects bulls who will produce daughters with profitable components, solid feet and legs and correct udders. Jon admits that he does enjoy show cow qualities, but knows that he must maintain a certain balance in order for his commercial cattle to not get too big in size. As Jon acknowledges the tight margins of the dairy industry, he emphasizes that good cows are needed to provide profit to a successful farm.

“I appreciate Jon’s active role in Eaglemill’s genetic selection,” said All West Sales Representative Kelby Stadt. “He knows the type of cow that works for him and is consistently striving to maintain functionality. It is a pleasure to walk through the herd and evaluate the quality of cows. Jon will be a tremendous representative for Whatcom County dairy producers.”

The third-generation dairymen of Eaglemill Farms, LLC. are hopeful that their dairy will carry on to future generations, as well. Jon and Shelly have five children including one boy named George who is married and four girls, Laine, Tabby, Etta, and Mieke, who range from second grade to a senior in high school. The family loves spending time outdoors together and Shelly grows flowers for her small floral business that the whole family enjoys with her.

All West/Select Sires leadership events are the newest activity added to this busy family’s agenda. “I look forward to serving with All West/Select Sires for several reasons,” said Jon. “I love the industry and cows. I am excited about learning more about the business of improving our industry through genetics. I also look forward to meeting new people as I get involved as a delegate.”

Welcome to the team, DeJong family!

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