What are the reproductive drivers of profitability in beef herds?

  1. Number of calves weaned over lifetime: How many years does she conceive, calve and wean a calf before being culled? Over how many years can the cost of developing a cow be depreciated?
  2. Age and weight of calves weaned: Does she conceive early in the breeding season as a heifer and continue to calve early as a cow? Early calving cows will wean older and heavier calves.
  3. Quality of calves weaned: How much value do her calves capture based on health, growth, performance, carcass merit, visual appearance, etc.?

Estrus synchronization and timed A.I. can improve your herd in every one of these areas!

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Proven Drivers of Profitability:

  • Heifers who calved during the first 21-day period with their first calf remained in the herd longer than heifers who calved later. Early calving heifers also wean a heavier calf in each of their first six calving seasons. (Cushman et al., 2013)
  • Early born A.I. heifer calves as potential replacements have:
    • Greater weaning and pre-breeding weights
    • Greater number of heifers cycling prior to breeding season
    • Greater pregnancy rates in first breeding season
    • Potential improvements in breed back as two-year-olds
  • Early born A.I. steer calves have:
    • Greater weaning weights
    • Greater percentage choice or better
    • Greater carcass value (better carcass weight and marbling score)

(Larson and Funston, 2009; Funston et al., 2011)


Are you ready to profit from using artificial insemination? Take a look at our pre-breeding checklist and consult with your All West Beef Representative to organize your next breeding project!

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