Larry Nootenboom was hired by All West in 1977 as a technician and later became an outstanding All West Sales Representative, having sold over 1.5 million units of Select Sires semen to date! He is officially retiring on May 31, 2021.

Larry was raised on a dairy farm himself and at an early age decided he wanted to pursue a career outside of the industry. However, his passion drew him back to cows in his teenage years, when he recalls being extremely fascinated by the All West Breeders sire directories. Once Larry reached young adulthood, his passion for pedigrees and experience in the industry allowed him to quickly become a reputable All West A.I. technician. At times, he was breeding cows for 27 days straight before ever taking a day off and was working grueling hours to get the job done.

Despite the hard work, when asked what has kept Larry going for over 44 years in the business, he quickly and simply replied, “I have always kept a true interest in this industry and the science behind it, as well as the people in it. I love working in an industry where I get to take care of people. It’s about relationships and building something together. We’re no different than our customers. We like doing business with people we enjoy, and I truly enjoy the teamwork aspect of this job.”

This passion for helping others led Larry in to the role of All West Sales Representative. It didn’t take long for Larry to gain a very positive reputation with his customers and his sales led him to join the “All West Millionaires Club” after selling over one million units of Select Sires semen. Not only is Larry passionate about sales and customer service, but also continuous learning. He became one of our most highly-recommended All West A.I. Training School instructors and has taught hundreds of colleagues and customers how to properly breed cattle in this role. Larry is a true teacher of the trade and his legacy will live on in the many students he shared his wisdom and techniques with over the years.

As retirement quickly approaches, Larry is excited to spend more time on the golf course, although he mentioned he doesn’t plan on becoming a professional any time soon!

“I also enjoy traveling,” said Larry. “Believe it or not, with all of the driving that I do to service my customers, I still enjoy getting back in the truck when I’m done and traveling for pleasure.”

Larry is going to waste no time with a several-week-long road trip already planned for September. His plan is to travel down Route 66 to see the sights and return home after visiting Mount Rushmore. Upon his return, Larry says he simply wants to spend his time with his friends and family while enjoying his grandchildren, as many retirees do.

Thank you for your many years of knowledge, dedication, and passion, Larry!

Please watch the video above to hear more about Larry from the All West/Select Sires Legacy himself!

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