Holiday travels can be stressful, but Select Sires Inc. Jersey Sire Analyst, Herby Lutz has been enjoying his time along the Jersey road this season! Read on as he shares his insight about the continuing Jersey Revolution in his comments below.

 Herby Lutz visiting All West customer Brent Wickstrom at Wickstrom Jersey Farms, Inc. in Hilmar, CA.

I hope all is well and everyone out West is having a great fall! Since my last DiamondCuts update in pre-proof August, a lot of excitement has occurred and what an incredible sire summary it was for the Jersey Revolution! In August 2019, we graduated the largest class of proven sires ever for the Jersey program, with bulls at the top of every list! Although I doubt we can top that in December 2019, we are looking forward to the data to come on December 3, 2019. I am going to share my comments about several bulls that I have been fortunate to see daughters of this season.

7JE5004 CHROME daughter group photo from Buster Goff of Hobbs, New Mexico.

7JE5004 CHROME continues to be our customer’s go-to bull, as he does not miss! I have seen many fresh for the third time and dairymen continue to go back to him as they love his daughters even more as they mature!


 All West’s Brad Barham snapped this photo of an impressive group of 7JE5041 JX TRIUMPH {5} daughters cleaned up and ready for picture day at Wickstrom Jersey Farms, Inc.


7JE5041 JX TRIUMPH {5} is a bull whose daughters impressed me for their appearance to really milk and the August 2019 proof data confirmed it making him the Number 1 proven milk bull in the breed! I have continued to see many of these daughters this fall and have really been impressed with how their udders are carrying the production. I look forward to seeing them calve a second time, as I have not thought the ones I have seen should be minus in udder depth. There are a couple different group pictures of his daughters that I think you will agree look like money makers for any dairy!


Although I have not seen as many daughters from his full brother 7JE5042 JX TYRANT {5}, I do love his bar chart to the right and he is still a top ten milk bull. He is not the extreme bull JX Triumph {5} is, but I do think there is a place for his balanced offering.


 This 7JE1529 DOORMAN daughter stopped All West Jersey enthusiast Brad Barham in his tracks while visiting Ahlem Farm Partnership last month!


7JE1528 DISCO and 7JE1529 DOORMAN do not need an introduction as they have been genomic super stars from the start and have now graduated as proven bulls. They both continue to impress dairymen with their awesome udders and health traits. We wish both of these sires were maybe a little more wet looking, but with their udders and the fact that we have the brothers above to add production, I feel these two pairs of brothers will work to compliment each other for a long time to come.


7JE1540 JX STORMCLOUD {4} is the first Jerseyland Sires bull to graduate in the Select Sires lineup and as only the second bull to get sampled, their track record is starting off pretty good! He is a bull that is over 600 CM$ and has daughters who I have really admired for being average size with nice udders and deep cleft, which I feel we could use in the breed right now. He is also A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein! Look for a lot more data to be added to his proof in December.


If you are looking for the chance for all calves of a bull to be polled, then 7JE1499 SOLAR-PP is for you! He is a bull that is over 100 CFP and is homozygous polled, saving you the valuable time it would take to dehorn any of his calves. His daughters are super shallow-uddered with wide rear udders and well-attached fore udders. These traits make him the logical choice if you are looking to add a population of polled cows to your herd.


We have released a lot of nice, genomic young bulls this fall and will again next week with the 2019 December Sire Summary. Among them, please make sure to consider 507JE1758 JX THRASHER {6}! He is a bull who brings production, being four digits of milk, and breed-leading DPR at +2.8! We have been very excited about using him as a sire father and we think he can be a game changer in the Jersey breed. However, we must warn, he is in short supply so order as soon as possible from your All West/Select Sires Representative if you are interested.


507JE1760 ROWAN is another new release to make yourself familiar with as he brings positive DPR, plus percents, and a balanced production with great GJUI!


From your Select Sires Inc. Jersey Department, we hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Stay tuned to the All West and Select Sires websites and social media for exciting proof information next week!

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