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The American Angus Association updated the calculations for $Weaning, $Feedlot and $Beef this week. Typically, this update takes place in December, however, in order to avoid disruptions or significant changes during seasonal selection and marketing activities, they made the changes in the middle of the summer.

What changed?

– Weaned Calf AssumptionsBase Calf Price $205 per cwt (updated from $180)
– Beef Value Assumptions Feedlot assumptions: Time on feed 165 days (updated from 160) Fed market $140 per cwt. Live (updated from $130)
– The breed average for $W increased $8.37, to +46.11.The breed average for $B increased $19.32, to +100.13.

Who changed the most?

7AN427 Manning moved +26 to $91.71
7AN306 WAR PARTY moved +23 to $96.32
7AN328 PROSPERITY moved +22 to $79.36
7AN370 SIGNATURE moved +22 to $92.34
7AN379 All In moved +22 to $97.56
7AN395 Fortress is our #1 $W sire at +102.10.
He is our only bull that breaks the $100 mark. To rank in the Top 1% of the breed, a bull needs to be at least $85.89. At the current time, we have 13 bulls in the Top 1% of the breed for $W

Our Top 5 $W bulls are:
1- 7AN395 Fortress
2- 7AN410 Chieftain
3- 7AN379 All In
5- 7AN418 Patriot

7AN379 All In moved up +56 to $197.42
7AN369 UPTOWN moved +53 to $179.10
7AN349 Weigh Up moved +52 to $189.44
7AN395 Fortress moved +50 to $183.42
7AN394 Traction moved +47 to $185.56
7AN341 Ingenuity (DDC) (DDC) still holds the #1 spot in $B in our battery at $199.32To Rank in the Top 1% of the breed a bull needs to be at least $174.14. At the current time, we have 11 bulls in the Top 1% of the breed for $B

Our Top 6 $B bulls are:
1- 7AN341 Ingenuity (DDC)
2- 7AN379 All In
3- 7AN423 GAR 100X
4- 7AN349 Weigh Up
5- 7AN311 Limelight
6- 7AN394 Traction

An interesting point –  cattle that are related to Sitz Upward continued to shine, similar to the last update this past winter – CW is an important driver! ALL IN, WEIGH UP, UPTOWN and PATRIOT all have Upward close in their pedigrees.

7AN426 Conversation

Another outcross bull that shines is 7AN426 CONVERSATION (Top 1% $W, Top 2% $B). He is a son of Silveira’s Conversion, who had a big day and ranks in the Top 10 Angus sires for $Beef. Conversion is now deceased, so this unique young sire will garner much attention – keep him on your short list


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