Recent updates to Angus EPDs were a good time to review data. There were not as many ‘big changes’ as some expected to see. Angus Foot EPDs are two traits where some sires in our lineup have changed since our 2021 directory was printed. There are several reasons for changes to the Claw and Angle EPDs, including the update to the Angus CORE, the addition of more claw and angle scores (and in turn, more genomic information) and the addition of foot scores from Australia.

The list below follows the page order of the Angus bulls in our 2021 Beef Directory. Using their Percentile Ranks, this list includes any sire that moved more than 25 percentile points for either Claw or Angle EPD (or both) since the printing of our directory. This information should be helpful to both you AND your customers. Those highlighted in green improved and those highlighted in yellow didn’t.


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