As we broke another record for total sales in a year, 7AN368 Comrade broke the single year semen sales record (previously held by old Ambush). Comrade is a Consensus son who is an ultra-complete choice for heifers and cows. He also leads the Superior Settler beef line-up with extreme fertility, defining Superior Settler. Comrade is a very moderate, thick made, wide based bull that comes at you with ease to his stride on a great set of feet and legs. Used heavily across the country, he will continue to impress as more and more people see his progeny.

An exciting, new outcross bull to our line-up, 7AN419 Remedy is your “go to” bull for improving feet and legs and comes from Ellingson Ranch in North Dakota. A Thunder x Bando 9074 son you should keep an eye on if you’re looking to produce well balanced, eye appealing females with lots of fleshing ability.

If you’re looking for some outcross genetics with great performance numbers then 7AN394 Traction may be what you’re looking for. He is ranked in the top 15% of every $Value index and leads the Select Sires’ line-up for $Beef. A Top Game son that doesn’t seem to miss regardless what he’s mated to, Traction enhances performance across the board, along with additional muscle and shape. Plan to see a surplus of returns from this potent genetic offering with first reports indicating calves coming easily and impressing at weaning.

7AN395 Fortress is one who will add the pounds no matter the circumstance. Ranking in the top 1% for WW and YW EPDs, he’s a known standout in the breed. Out of an elite donor at the Knoll Farm’s cow herd, Fortress is a bull that continues to impress as cattlemen across the country discover his progeny. He will add tons of power and body mass without giving up anything as he ranks in the top 25% of the breed in over 12 different traits.

A very three dimensional bull in the line-up is 7AN371 Reality. A Chisum son that will add tons of length, body density, and width while standing on picture perfect feet and legs. You can be sure to have proven cow power when using him. Reality is the maternal brother to the popular Benfield Substance.

7AN386 Revival comes to us from the Talkington Angus Ranch in western North Dakota and is very quickly growing in popularity. Backed by many of the Select Sires’ great ones going back to Danny and 6I6, he has come to be a sure thing. A great choice for calving ease, he also ranks in the top 1% for $W. Heifer calves have been standouts in herds across the state with tons of power, mass and fleshing ability. Revival is one who needs high consideration if you’re looking to improve udders.

Another very heavily used calving ease bull this past year was 7AN384 Courage. A Confidence son, he adds tons of style and look. His bull calves are easy to find as they are thick topped, square made, long bodied and carry it all with an attractive pattern. Courage is your punch card if you are looking for calving ease but are not willing to give up performance or shape.

A bull who needs no introduction to this area is 7AN340 Summit who was raised in North Dakota at the Spickler Ranch. Summit once again topped the charts for unit sales in 2015 across the two states. His daughters are becoming increasingly popular with exceptional udders, lots of middle and great temperament. Summit is the breed’s “go to” bull for improving docility, ranking in the top 1%.

If you are looking to add pounds quickly, then 7AN349 Weigh Up is your answer. A Sitz Upward son ranking in the top 1% for WW, YW, and RADG, he is big footed and powerful hipped, while carrying tons of width down his top and moving beautifully. Use Weigh Up to add lots of pounds while maintaining great foot quality and soundness along with producing daughters that are very practical for milk. Limited semen is available on Weigh Up.

One of the most talked about bulls since last January is 7AN426 Conversation. This Conversion x Predominant is an outcross that comes at you with a striking profile, bringing length and extension to a new level. Conversation starts wide at the ground and carries it all the way up his skeletal design with excellent muscle shape. He is sure to be the talk of many conversations for months to come.
Take a look at his high ranking balanced EPD profile.

If you’re looking to improve your cow herd with a son of the hottest bull in the breed, 7AN437 Capital Gains will give you all of that. Capital Gains might just be Capitalist’s best son yet with all the look and power that his sire offers. Capital Gains also offers traits from his high performance dam Triple B K Natasha. Backed by some of the breed’s best, Capital Gains is an easy pick and your herd is sure to gain some momentum with him.

Another new bull added to the line-up that is phenotypically flawless is 7AN433 Identified. An Identity x Protégé son that screams “power bull”, Identified is extremely elegant in his design with a ton of width, depth of body, and perfect balance. He moves flawlessly and adds marbling. A sure fire choice when looking to strengthen the look of your herd. Semen is limited.

7AN432 Bankroll is one of the only Cash sons that offers the unique combination of CED, YW, $W, and $B. Bankroll will enhance countless herds as he is ideal to bring some outcross to a variety of bloodlines. Bankroll is a strong topped bull who carries his thickness and power all the way through while maintaining a great muscle pattern.

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