Kevin Jorgensen, Holstein Sire Analyst, Select Sires Inc.

After graduating 17 new sires in December, it would be reasonable to assume our April class will be a bit smaller, and while the numbers aren’t as many, the excitement this group generates will definitely be equal to that of the phenomenal December class!  The following are bulls I see to be the highlights of next week’s sire summary.


7HO12266 YODER (Mogul x VG-85 Planet x VG-88 Buckeye)

This Mogul son has been the buzz in the industry the past 60 days and for good reason. His interim data looked very favorable in January and as more type data has come in, it has been very promising.  However, much of what has caused the stir is what we are seeing in the corrals.  He is siring a pattern that is on the wish list of the modern, commercial dairyman — Moderate size, great udders and a lot of production.  The Yoder daughters remind me of the best of Mogul and Planet together.  I see parts of both bulls in the daughters I have seen.  He is a lock to graduate next week and if you are wondering where to find him, just look to the top of the list.


7HO13022 TATUM (Numero Uno x VG-88 Colby x EX-90 FBI)

Tatum was used early as a sire father and now his daughters are calving and are really impressive. We used him a sire with no Planet or O-Man in his pedigree three years ago, and I think he now has a value as he has no Mogul, Robust or Supersire in his pedigree.  He is a Numero Uno son from a VG-88 Colby followed by an EX-90 FBI daughter.  He daughters are a bit milkier that the other Uno sons I have seen, but he sires a consistent, pleasing type pattern that make him easy to like.  His will sire very tall cows but they have a bit more substance and strength and gets the rear end of a cow parlor-perfect with very shapely udders and correct legs and feet.  With his outcross pedigree, I see him as a heavily used sire in the SMS program.


7HO12228 KINGPIN (McCutchen x EX-90 Observer x VG-88 Shottle)

Bred by my fellow sire analyst Mark Kerndt, this McCutchen son is siring some really impressive young cows. You’ll see a lot of McCutchen in these Kingpin daughters as they are tall and long with very impressive udders.  I have seen nearly 20 Kingpins and have liked every one of them.  He seems like the logical sire to use on Supersire daughters.  The added bonus is that he excels in health and fitness traits for a bull that is nearly +3.00 points on type.  He may be a dark horse in the graduation race next week but has a lot of traits that our producers still value.


New Super Samplers

The Jedi and Modesty son era is beginning in April and several new releases should be exciting to use in both embryo programs, as well as in breeding pens. Here are a few of my favorites.


250HO12975 PHARO (Jedi x VG-86 Balisto x VG-88 Numero Uno)

Every +3.00 PTAT sire will always catch my attention but Pharo adds much more. He checks about every box siring high combined fat and protein, very solid health and fitness traits and is an A2A2 sire as well.  I just saw his VG Balisto dam at Sandy-Valley in WI just a couple weeks ago and is a very impressive individual.  He will be available in conventional semen as well.


7HO13572 GOMES (Jedi x VG-85 Balisto x VG-86 Uno)

Gomes is also a Jedi x Balisto cross and his VG dam is also in WI, originating from the ART program. She is a great young cow that is thriving in a modern, freestall environment.  I always appreciate that about bull dams.  The other thing I like about Gomes is that his granddam is a full sister to 7HO13022 Tatum that I just mentioned above as a potential proven graduate.  This gives him a bit different pedigree to traditional Select Sires bloodlines. He will be available in conventional semen as well.


507HO13608 MARQUEE (Modesty x GP-81 Unite x VG-88 Supersire)

Marquee will be one of the highest GTPI sires with semen available and is a grandson from the great S-S-I Supersire Miri! We just pictured his dam this week and she will move up in score when she calves again.  Marquee will sire a more modern frame and excels in Fitness traits.  We have used the bull extensively as a sire father and I will always believe in this cow family.  Marquee will be available sexed only.


550HO12961 DOC (Kingboy x VG-86 Mack x EX-91 Snowman)

Doc has been one of my most heavily used sire fathers in the past three months. He has no Mogul or Supersire, Jedi or Modesty in his pedigree making him an outcross to the youngest population and he is one of the highest type sires in the breed at +3.97 PTAT. Yet, he also sires outstanding production and improves Daughter Pregnancy Rate.  He is a crossover bull that can be used on high GTPI but can also be used to make the next Showcase Selections sire as well, making him a very unique option.  He will be available sexed only.

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