“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” This Ralph Marston quote defines the April 2023 sire summaries. We pride ourselves on elite ranking genetics, science-based decision making and our ability to keep a pulse on the needs of dairy producers globally. This knowledge, combined with the best people in the business, yields exceptional results.

The early 250HO14134 RENEGADE and 7HO14229 TAHITI sons are now proven graduates and the results are exciting. The unique 7HO13991 NUGENT sons, along with an Argo son, will provide the pedigree diversity that we strive for. Some of the most elite Type sires are being added to the lineup for those sought after blue ribbons and 4-H calves that bring smiles to our youth. Our Jersey program received a fresh coat of paint, with more elite-ranked sires at the top of the breed than ever before.

So what does this all mean? The secret sauce of success is a recipe of past experiences, current demands and futuristic thoughts, all learned through our valued customers’ voiced desires. We stand proud in offering these proven genetic giants for your customers and their genetic success.

7HO14696 Melarry Argo SALSA-RED-ET*CD
Argo x (GP-80) 7HO13250 JEDI x (GP-84) 250HO1127 MAIN EVENT x (VG-87-VG-MS) Snowman
– The breed’s best Red sire for GTPI® at +2657 and elite NM$ at +711
– Alternative sire stack to traditional Red bloodlines from Select Sires and hails from the world renowned Planet Silk maternal line
– Combines exceptional mastitis resistance with solid component improvement (+105 CFP)

Aprilday Salsa Tishbi-ET (VG-85-VG-MS)
Edward Peck, Mount Horeb, WI

Aprilday Salsa Tiamo-Red-ET
Edward Peck, Mount Horeb, WI

7HO14920 Avant-Garde Unix SELECT-ET
Unix x (EX-95-2E-EX-MS) 7HO11477 MCCUTCHEN x (VG-89-VG-MS) Lavanguard x (VG-87) FBI
– His daughters are the talk of the town with many scored Very Good in the last several months
– He boasts a picture-perfect linear profile for your Showcase customers and hails from a time-tested bull dam
– Sires phenomenal udders and a flawless rump structure

Agresti Select Dymond
Double D Holsteins, Ceres, CA

Mikelholm Select Rochester (VG-85)
Mikelholm Holsteins, Stafford, NY

Trent-Way Genetics
Blanchardville, WI

7HO14951 Lars-Acres S-S-I STANNIS-ET
7HO13991 NUGENT x (EX-90-EX-MS) 7HO12788 FRAZZLED x (VG-86) Monterey x 7HO11597 ZEUS
– A wellness superstar with elite rankings for DWP$® (+1,096), WT$® (+224) and CM$ (+888)
– Brings together awesome mastitis resistance traits (103 Z MAST) and lameness traits (104 Z LAME)
– Ideal strength to stature ratio

S-S-I Stannis 10090 1429-ET (GP-83)
Destiny Farms LLC, Marshfield, WI

Lars-Acres SSI 25048-ET (GP-81)
Larson Acres, Inc., Evansville, WI

Lars-Acres SSI 25049-ET
Larson Acres, Inc., Evansville, WI

7HO14985 S-S-I Renegade RUPERT-ET
250HO14134 RENEGADE x (VG-88-VG-MS) Matters x (VG-86-VG-MS) Stoic x (GP-83-VG-MS) 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE
– Extremely balanced sire tracing back to the heart of the North Florida breeding program
– Top-30 GTPI sire and one of six proven sires over +2930 GTPI, +0.5 FI and +0.75 FLC
– Will instantly lengthen teats (+1.48)

7HO15023 Mr Affection ANALYST-RED-ET
Unstopabull x (EX-94-EX-MS) Byway x (VG-86-VG-MS) 7HO10506 G W ATWOOD x (EX-96-4E-EX-MS-DOM) Regiment-Red
– The 2022 World Dairy Expo reserve premier sire of the Red & White heifer show is now progeny proven!
– Eight of his nine nearest dams are scored Excellent and he traces back to the Apples!
– Complements Roxy bloodlines – 7HO15427 ROMPEN-RED, 14HO14464 REEVE-RED and 250HO14465 RONALD

D-Ray Analyst Joydiquoi (VG-85-VG-MS)
D-Ray Holsteins & Ferme Milibro Inc, Victoriaville, QC

Killcroft Analyst Renley
Killcroft Holsteins, Tavistock, ON

Ms Analyst She Got It-Red
Graisson & Mandy Schmidt & Arizona Dairy Co., Delavan, WI

Betley Lionlike-Red-ET
Claire Betley, Pulaski, WI

7HO15085 Siemers Rengd PARFECT-ET
RENEGADE x (EX-91-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Delta-Lambda x (EX-91-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Denver x (VG-86-VG-MS) Tango
– Ranked No. 3 in the breed for GTPI (+3066) and a previous NxGEN® lineup leader
– Early daughters show impressive dairy strength and beautiful bone quality
– A rare sire that combines elite TPI, PTAT (+2.71), UDC (+2.33), FLC (+2.27), PTAM (+1,030) and DPR (+0.3)

S-S-I Parfect 10421 1813-ET (GP-81)
Destiny Farms LLC, Marshfield, WI

Sandy-Valley Sugarplum-ET (VG-85-VG-MS)
Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc., Newton, WI

S-S-I VF 316 59873-ET (VG-87-VG-MS)

7HO15097 T-Spruce Nugnt GRANADA-ET
NUGENT x (GP-80) FRAZZLED x (VG-86-VG-MS-DOM) Ahead x (VG-85-VG-MS) 7HO10849 SHAMROCK
– Top-50 for GTPI, NM$ and DWP$ with big-league production (+2,146 PTAM) and superb udder quality
– Used as a sire father with success, including high-ranking 7HO15821 FROST BITE
– From a different fork of the Mindy family, this rare NUGENT son is a great mating for RENEGADE bloodlines

Lars-Acres Granada Tafny-ET (GP-80)
Larson Acres, Inc., Evansville, WI

S-S-I Granada 10170 1537-ET (GP-81)
Destiny Farms LLC, Marshfield, WI

Horsens SSI 3956 4645-ET
Endres Berryridge Farm LLC, Waunakee, WI

S-S-I Granada 10170 1547-ET (GP-81)
Destiny Farms LLC, Marshfield, WI

7HO15100 Ruann MYSTIC-84306-ET
7HO13866 RIO x (VG-86-EX-MS) 7HO12600 MODESTY x (VG-85-VG-MS) Monterey x (GP-81) Cashcoin
– Profitable combination of production (+1,452 PTAM) and fertility (+1.8 FI)
– Daughters are made for modern environments with moderate stature and well-attached udders
– His FRAZZLED- and RENEGADE-free pedigree make him easy-to-use, particularly in heifer pens

7HO15112 Leaninghouse TAOS-ET
– Another breed leader added to the Select Sires lineup (+2904 GTPI)
– One of our best newly proven sires for fertility and fitness: +2.4 DPR, +2.2 FI and +5.7 PL
– Will consistently provide width, strength and outstanding udders while improving teat length

S-S-I Taos 10600 1721-ET (GP-83)
Michael and Julie Duckett, Rudolph, WI

Trent-Way Taos Reta-ET
Trent and Kelsey Hendrickson, Blanchardville, WI

Badger SSI 16126 4699-ET (GP-80)
Endres Berryridge Farm LLC, Waunakee, WI

Sandy-Valley Tencel-ET (VG-86-VG-MS)
Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc., Newton, WI

14HO15201 Fly-Higher MOONSHINER-ET
7HO14229 TAHITI x 7HO13373 FLAGSHIP x (VG-87-EX-MS) Delta x (EX-94-2E-EX-MS) MCCUTCHEN
– Debuts near the top of the NM$ (+1,034) and GTPI lists (+2952)
– Combines the most profitable traits to deliver success (+1,591 PTAM, +1.91 UDC, +0.6 DPR)
– Calving ease specialist (+1.6 SCE)

S-S-I Moonshiner 1797-ET (GP-81)
Destiny Farms LLC, Marshfield, WI

Cherrypencol Moon 5990-ET

S-S-I La 10073 25450-ET (GP-83)
Larson Acres, Inc., Evansville, WI

S-S-I 12356 Moonsh 12733-ET (GP-81)
Destiny Farms LLC, Marshfield, WI

14HO15223 Sandy-Valley R CONWAY-ET
RENEGADE X (GP-82-VG-MS) Granite X (EX-90-EX-MS) Draco X (EX-92-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) 7HO11314 MOGUL
– Component and conformation specialist
– Rare sire that combines double digit component percents (+0.12%P, +0.28%F) with favorable Type traits (+1.80 PTAT, +1.53 UDC, +1.51 FLC)
– Early daughters show beautiful udder texture and have a very stylish profile

Badger SSI 16239 12730-ET (GP-83)
Destiny Farms LLC, Marshfield, WI

Plain-Knoll Conway 3412-ET
Buschur Dairy Farms, Inc., New Weston, OH

T-Spruce SSI 13196 1881-ET

Lars-Acres 22899 25544-ET (GP-81)
Larson Acres, Inc., Evansville, WI

250HO15152 Blumenfeld Renegad AHEAD-ET
RENEGADE x (GP-82) 14HO7804 MYLES x (VG-85-VG-MS) 7HO12266 YODER x (GP-83-VG-MS) SUPERSIRE
– Improves components while ranking in the top 10 for all proven sires at Select Sires (+2983 GTPI)
– Improves all fitness traits, particularly PL (+5.2) and LIV (+2.2)
– Bred in a 700-cow robot facility that focuses on making commercial-friendly cows

Lars-Acres Ahead Newlynn (GP-80)
Larson Acres, Inc., Evansville, WI

7JE1786 JX Primus Fournette CARDIFF {4}-ET
7JE1600 JX FOURNETTE {3} x 14JE670 LEMONHEAD x (E-90%) 7JE1221 PHAROAH x (VG-84%) 7JE1038 VALENTINO
– Elite DPR (+2.2) and over +1,000 pounds of Milk
– From a proven maternal line with A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein
– Profitable combination of fitness traits: +7.2 PL, 2.80 SCS and +2.5 LIV with high-ranking GJPI™ (+141)
– Not eligible for registry in Canada

7JE1788 JX Ahlem Amp HEIST {6}-ET
7JE1628 AMP x (VG-85%) JX Harris {4} x (E-90%) Legal x (VG-87%) 14JE408 JIMMIE
– Improves production and components (+985 PTAM), Fat (+63) and Protein (+50) with high JUI™ (+13.0)
– Balanced production, Type and SCS with elite JPI (+137)
– A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein

CDF Heist Knock F8747 (VG-82%)
C & S Livestock, Hilmar, CA

7JE1789 JX Primus Enzo CHATHAM {4}-ET
JX Enzo {3} x LEMONHEAD x (E-90%) PHAROAH x (VG-84%) VALENTINO
– Big-time milk (+1,870 PTAM) with positive DPR (+0.3) and balanced JUI
– Daughters are strong with awesome fore udders
– He brings together production and Type (+1.3 PTAT) with A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein
– Not eligible for registry in Canada

JX Red Top Chatham 57383 {5}
Red Top Jerseys, Hilmar, CA

7JE1792 Pine-Tree Chrome NAVIDAD {6}-ET
7JE5004 CHROME x (E-93%) JX World Cup {4} x (VG-85%) 7JE1375 CHISEL x (E-90%) Dazzler
– Huge CFP (+158) with extreme milk yield (+1,764 PTAM) and favorable Type (+1.5 PTAT)
– Elite GJPI (+144) with A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein
– Hails from a proven pedigree; his dam is just fresh, in her fourth lactation and doing great

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