PGA Coordinator Tony DeMello travels throughout All-West territory, not only visiting PGA herds, but riding with classifiers and doing direct sales.  With his years of experience in the A.I. industry and his sharp judging skills that he’s used officiating shows in North America, Europe and Asia, we’ve come to rely on him for honest assessments of daughters he’s been seeing on his travels.  A frequent contributor to our internal All-West communications, we thought it was time to share some of his viewpoints in this issue!

It’s time to re-think what’s in your tank with some time-tested favorites, and some brand new genetics.  There’s never been a better time to choose stud code “7” for your tank!

7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90 GM)
Taboo x Amel x Duster

I think it’s time to revisit this breed-changing sire.  When traveling around to a lot of herds and doing SMS work, some of the best 3rd and 4th lactation cows I’ve seen are PLANET daughters.  They are youthful, high milking, beautifully-uddered 2-year-olds that develop into deep-bodied, high-producing mature cows, making big records with high relative value.

A point of interest, PLANET is still +2123GTPI with over +1690 of milk…higher than most of his sons.  PLANET is still +5.6PL and a calving ease sire.  And yes, he is still an outcross sire for Shottle, O-Man and Goldwyn sons.

The great thing is he’s more available now than he was in his earlier career.  Many of you may not have used him back then, but now you can add this history-making sire to your program to increase production, udders and productive life in one shot.

DeSu Planet Daughters

Curtmaid 28877-Grade

Miley Planet B Glow (EX-90)
4-05 2x 365 35,410 3.6 1290 3.2 1142

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk (EX-90, 1*)
2-02 2x 365 29,989 4.5 1351 3.2 959

7HO10228 De-Su GULF-ET (EX-90)
Bolton x Shottle x O-Man

I talked in a previous edition of the Bullhorn about GULF, and all I can still say is WOW!!!  I have gone through some heifer pens for different clients picking out what I felt were the best and most correct heifers in the group.  Time and again, I’d ask what the sire was on a good heifer I spotted and the answer was always, “GULF!”

They are wide-rumped, deep-bodied, silky, dairy heifers with excellent legs.  And by far, the GULF daughters are the best group of young animals I’ve seen in a long time.  Their consistency makes them stand out to anyone who walks through a pen of animals.

I think GULF can make that extra special one and I’m really looking forward to the second crop calving in.

De-Su 377 (EX-90)
3-00 3x 291 40,750 3.6 1472 2.8 1156

Morsan Gulf Lana (VG-88)
1-10 3x 365 31,548 4.2 1325 3.2 1019


It’s been some time since I have been really excited about a Showcase Selections release, but coming in June, just in time to make great spring calves for 2016, are two of our first Doorman sons out of great cow families.

The first is 7HO12587 Mr D Apple DIAMONDBACK RC, who’s out of the Talent daughter, Ms Delicious Apple-Red.  The next dam is the world-famous EX-96 3E DOM, KHW Regiment Apple-Red.  Yes, DIAMONDBACK is a red carrier, offering Doorman to a tried and true red pedigree.  He is plus on milk and components, measures +1.3PL and has a GTPI of +2072.  His type proof is exceptional at +3.06T, with +2.23UDC and +2.44FLC.

He is exciting for both red and black & white breeders, and we already have lots of requests for semen.

The other young bull that is one to watch is 7HO12593 Our-Favorite UNION 142-ET, a Doorman son from an EX-91 ATWOOD x EX-93 Shottle x EX-93 Outside x the well-known Convincer, Our-Favorite Conceited (EX-92).

UNION is also plus on milk and components, with a +4.6PL and a GTPI of +2351.  His type is an impressive +3.34T, +2.93UDC and +2.50FLC.

Both are great-pedigreed, young bulls with outstanding type, reminiscent of the great, legendary bulls that grace our Impact Sires of the Breed poster, like BLACKSTAR, ELEVATION, DURHAM and more.

I’m fortunate to see a lot of great Select Sires daughters in my travels, and hear what breeders are looking for to keep improving their herds with long-lasting, correct, profitable cattle.  These are just four of many available from Select Sires.  Your Success really is Our Passion.

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