Net Merit and other indexes are revised for August 2018 to incorporate the new CDCB disease resistance traits and to update economic values in calculations. The six disease resistance traits are grouped into a health sub-index (HTH$) that is not published separately, similar to the calving ability sub-index (CA$).  See more details on this in the May and June issues of our Bullhorn

Other changes are summarized in the CDCB News page which can be found here:

Other news:

João Dürr and Duane Norman presented “CDCB tools for the improvement of the Jersey breed” on June 30 at the combined meeting of World Jersey Cattle Bureau and American Jersey Cattle Association. The presentation focused on status of crossbred genomic evaluations and evolving genetic opportunities, building on key trends such as the tremendous growth of the U.S. Jersey herd, the four-fold increase in crossbred cow numbers over the last decade, and impressive genetic and production gains.



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