During Summer Heat:

– Improve Dry Matter Intake

– Maintain Reproductive Efficiency

– Maximize milk & butterfat production

During the summer months, milk production drops right along with reproductive efficiency. Cows are less mobile, they get to the bunk less and their dry matter intake decreases. Milk production drops of 6 to 10 pounds per cow are normal.While these production and breeding difficulties losses range from$175 to $200 per cow, losses of several hundred dollars are common.These feeding and management changes should be made to alleviate the negative effect of summer heat stress.

A Program for Fresh & Transition Cows During Summer Heat





1. Breed cows to high fertility Select Sires bulls.

Fertlity Pro Sires

Superior Settlers

2. Incorporate BioCycle into the ration for 90 to 120 days during the summer months, starting before the hottest weather begins. In instances where mold-produced toxins are present, dairymen should use BioCycle Plus.

3. Administer one gel-cap per head at freshening for up to three consecutive days.





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