The Select Sires’ beef team’s goal is to help you increase profitability by creating pregnancies, adding value to the cattle being sold, increasing the efficiency of cattle retained, maximizing cow longevity, and creating a quality beef product

These professionals can custom design a program that best fits your operation and helps you reach your goals. They can either help you get started or do it all. Here are just a few of the things that they can do:


 – Guide genetic decisions to use the best sires for your herd goals

Utilize superior genetics to increase calving ease, weaning weights, carcass quality and much more including herd uniformity

Produce a strong base for heifer replacements

– Select the synchronization program that’s best for your herd and facilities





Shorten the calving season, making it more predictable and productive, enabling calves to reach market weight sooner to increase your profits

– Evaluate body condition to ensure the best reproductive results

– Skillfully move and handle the cattle with professionalism

– Administer synchronization products

– Artificially inseminate your cattle (by highly trained technicians)

Proven results

Decrease the costs of maintaining herd bulls

Decrease the chance of spreading disease

– Work WITH you

– Backed by a team of experts

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