The 7&7 Sync Protocol for Mature Cows

Researchers at the University of Missouri have extensively evaluated a new estrus synchronization protocol, 7 & 7 Synch, as an improved method to synchronize estrus among postpartum beef cows. Research efforts have included an initial data-intensive pilot project, an extensive field trial evaluating this approach for synchronization among recipients prior to embryo transfer, and an additional extensive field trial evaluating 7 & 7 Synch with fixed-timed A.I. using both conventional and sex-sorted semen. Results indicate a significant increase in the portion of cows expressing estrus following synchronization and in the pregnancy rates achieved.

How to Insert CIDR

Several of our synchronization protocols call for the use of a CIDR (Controlled Internal Drug Release). Let Adrienne Lulay explain how to use this tool properly and contact your All West Beef team for assistance on your next breeding project!

Beef Heifer AI Protocols

Beef Cow AI Protocols

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