Happy New Year to our All-West Select Sires customers, friends and family. With the kick-off of a new year, we’re excited to bring you a new form of communication from All West…a brand new e-newsletter. In each issue you’ll find news of bulls from the lineup, pictures & videos from around the All-West territory, program & product highlights and more! But before we can deliver all this to your inbox, we need a name for this new product, and that’s where you come in!

We’ll be accepting name suggestions for the e-newsletter through January 24th and the winning name, as well as the person who suggested the name, will be featured in our first-ever edition! Email all suggestions contact@allwestselectsires.com

Our All-West Select Sires group can only grow with your input! We look forward to hearing what you’d like to see and read about in this exciting new communication, as well as what you think it should be called. Remember, the name represents the All-West cooperative, our members, the Select Sires philosophy and life in the west! Send in your suggestions and be sure to sign up to receive each issue!

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