WOLFS LEGENDAIRY PAUL 5940-GRADE Adam Wolf, Windthorst, TX

Select Sires continues to deliver the widest variety of elite sires in the industry with leaders in many categories. 7HO10524 Roylane Socra ROBUST-ET (VG-88-GM) is the new No. 1 sire for Total Performance IndexSM (GTPISM) (+2324) and Net Merit (NM$) (+834), 7HO10506 Maple-Downs-I G W ATWOOD-ET (EX-90) continues to set the pace for Type (+4.66), 7HO10429 Horstyle Moscow MONTNEY (VG-87) leads active A.I. sires for Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.43), 7HO10582 Ensenada Jeeves PAUL-ET (VG-88) is the top Productive Life (PL) sire (+7.7) and 7HO10563 MD-Valleyvue CARSON-RED-ET (EX-93) remains the GTPI leader for Red and White sires at +1993. 7HO10721 De-Su 521 BOOKEM-ET (VG-86-GM) joins ROBUST as one of the elite for GTPI at +2279.

Select Sires also leads the industry with the most sires on the Holstein Association USA Top 100 TPI list and is home to over a quarter of the Top 100 GTPI sires with 97% Reliabilities for Yield and Type. This is a testament to the Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™) as an identifier of the most elite genetic sires.

Type transmitters

Select Sires is home to 10 proven sires over +3.0 for Type, the most in the industry. G W ATWOOD continues to be the only sire over +4.00 for Type. 7HO10484 Paradise-R SABATHIA-ET (EX-92) (+3.86 PTAT), new proven sire 7HO10920 Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP-ET (EX-92) (+3.70 PTAT) and 7HO9165 Regancrest S BRAXTON-ET (EX-95) (+3.70 PTAT) all rank in the top five as well. North of the border, 7HO9264 Lirr Drew DEMPSEY (VG-86) is the new leader for Conformation (+18) in Canada. G W ATWOOD ranks No. 2 at +17.  G W ATWOOD is the best feet and leg improver in the breed (+3.74 Feet and Leg Composite) while GOLD CHIP (+3.16 FLC) and 7HO10277 End-Road Bolton BRANCH-ET (EX-94) (+2.86 FLC) rank among the breed’s best. G W ATWOOD (+3.51 Udder Composite), 7HO10228 De-Su GULF-ET*BY (EX-90) (+3.35 UDC), GOLD CHIP (+3.31 UDC), 7HO10272 De-Su FORK-ET (EX-92) (+3.30 UDC) and 7HO10723 De-Su 527 SPUR-ET (EX-90) (+3.20 UDC) are all among the top 15 sires in the breed for UDC.

Fertility frontrunners

Select Sires is the premier source for high fertility sires with 64 sires that are positive for Sire Conception Rate (SCR) which is over twice as many as our closest competitor. SABATHIA (+5.4 SCR), 7HO9722 Collins-Pride TS JERMIAH-ET (VG-87) (+3.8 SCR), MONTNEY (+3.6 SCR), 7HO10904 Sandy-Valley COLT P-RED-TW (+3.6 SCR) and 7HO9918 Foxberry JS MCFLY-ET (EX-92-GM) (+3.6 SCR) lead the Select Sires lineup. Look for the Superior Settler™ designation for the best in fertility.

Genomic giants

Select Sires’ Super Sampler™ lineup is the source for elite young sires. Nearly 30 Super Samplers exceed +2421 GTPI to rank on the Holstein Association USA Top 100 TPI Genomic Young Bulls list. At +2602 GTPI, 7HO12198 Morningview Mcc KINGBOY-ET leads the Super Sampler lineup. 7HO11836 Melarry Robust MILES-ET is the top young sire for Fat (+120F), 7HO12008 Cookiecutter Petron HALOGEN is the industry’s top Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) young sire (+4.1 DPR) and 7HO11118 Mr Atwood BROKAW-ET leads the way for Type (+4.53 PTAT).

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