Golden-Oaks ATWD Charla-ET (VG-89, EX-MS) 2-01 3x 365 33,000 4.2 1392 3.6 1177 Sired by 7HO10506 G W ATWOOD (+4.66T +3.74FL +3.51UC) Owned by Golden-Oaks Farm, Wauconda, IL

Fertility, type, production…all traits that will make an impact on your herd and all traits that can be found in the new April 2014 Select Sires lineup.

In the U.S., 7HO10524 Roylane Socra ROBUST-ET led the way as the new No. 1 GTPI sire at +2324 and leading Net Merit sire at +834.  Bred by All-West members Gary & Bruce Roylance of Warden, WA, this Socrates son comes from the well-known Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror cow, scored VG-86 DOM with 3-00 365 36,430 4.4 1606 3.4 1235.  Plus on components, ROBUST provides a great balance of production and type, and excels in fitness traits.  He’s a designated Calving Ease and Fertility Pro sire as well.

Joining ROBUST in the Top 10 GTPI List is No. 3 7HO10721 De-Su 521 BOOKEM-ET.  Sired by Planet, BOOKEM is from a VG-86 DOM Ramos and then a VG-87 DOM Hershel from Clear-Echo.  At +1585M +2.62T and +5.7PL, this Calving Ease and Fertility Pro sire already has many sons on the Select Sires Super Sampler list, the most popular to date being 7HO11477 MCCUTCHEN (+2384 GTPI).

7HO10506 Maple-Downs-I G W ATWOOD-ET continues to set the pace for Type and is the only sire over +4.00, landing at a solid +4.66.  7HO10484 Paradise-R SABATHIA-ET (+3.86), newly proven sire 7HO10920 Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP-ET (+3.70) and 7HO9165 Regancrest S BRAXTON-ET (+3.70) all rank in the top five for PTAT as well.

Select Sires is the premier source for high fertility sires with 64 sires that are positive for Sire Conception Rate (SCR) which is over twice as many as our closest competitor. SABATHIA (+5.4 SCR), 7HO9722 Collins-Pride TS JERMIAH-ET (+3.8 SCR), MONTNEY (+3.6 SCR), 7HO10904 Sandy-Valley COLT P-RED-TW (+3.6 SCR) and 7HO9918 Foxberry JS MCFLY-ET (+3.6 SCR) lead the Select Sires lineup.

7HO10582 Ensenada Jeeves PAUL-ET is the top Productive Life (PL) sire (+7.7) and 7HO10563 MD-Valleyvue CARSON-RED-ET remains the GTPI leader for Red and White sires at +1993.

In Canada, Select Sires dominated the Canadian Dairy Network’s Top Conformation List with five in the Top 10.  7HO9264 Lirr Drew DEMPSEY ranks No. 1 at +18.  This Goldwyn son from a VG-88 Derry dam, also excels in Dairy Strength (+14), Feet & Legs (+14) and Mammary System (+14).  DEMPSEY also offers a boost in components (+.32F and +.22P) with +121M.  7HO10506 G W ATWOOD ranks No. 2 at +17Conf, +13DS, +19FL and +17MS.  Like his stablemate, G W ATWOOD is also plus on components (+.41F and +.09P), +522M and an impressive 2.2 for SCR.

In Jersey Revolution news, it was a banner day on both sides of the border with four of the top five Jersey Performance Index (JPI), including No. 1 7JE1067 GR Oomsdale Tbone GOLDA-ET (+257), followed by No. 2 523JE927 Wilsonview Jevon MAGNUM-ET (+236), No. 4 7JE1046 Sunrise/Hackline Bungy ZIPPER (+214) and No. 5 7JE1038 All Lynns Louie VALENTINO-ET (+212).

There was the same level of excitement in Canada as Select earned five of the Top 10 LPI Sire Spots with No. 1 7JE1000 Richies Jace TBONE A364 (+1792), No. 2 236JE3 ISDK Q IMPULS (+1752), No. 4 7JE922 Rocha Iatola WALKER (+1614), No. 8 7JE1088 Chilli Action COLTON (+1571) and No. 10 7JE1038 VALENTINO (+1563).

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