7HO11314 Mountfield SSI Dcy MOGUL-ET now leads the industry, and Select Sires’ December 2014 graduates, at +2586 GTPI®. This class of eight includes diverse pedigrees, fitness specialists and solid Type sires to fit any breeding program.

The total package
MOGUL debuts as the top Net Merit (NM$) (+728), Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) (+121), Cheese Merit (CM$) (+734) and Feet and Leg Composite (FLC) (+3.39) sire in the Select Sires lineup. He also transmits outstanding production (+1,376 Milk), Type (+2.84 PTAT) and Productive Life (PL) (+5.1). This FeedPRO® and DIAMOND SELECTion sire graduates with a highly reliable Calving Ease (6.1% DBH) and has gender SELECTed™ semen available. MOGUL is an excellent mating on 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) daughters.

7HO11169 Welcome Super PETRONE-ET joins MOGUL in the top five on Holstein Association USA’s High Ranking Sire Report at +2361 GTPI. A Super son with a unique pedigree, he is the top PL sire (+7.5) at Select and one of the leading sires for NM$ (+549) and CM$ (+548). PETRONE earns the HealthMarkdesignation with his low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) of 2.68 and high Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+3.7). His daughters are moderate in stature with excellent udders (+1.50 Udder Composite) and feet and legs (+1.37 FLC). PETRONE is a Calving Ease, DIAMOND SELECTion and FeedPRO sire.

7HO10879 De-Su PHOENIX 588-ET (VG-86), a PLANET grandson of De-Su Oman 6121-ET (VG-86-GMD-DOM), is a production powerhouse. His daughters produce high volumes of Milk (+1,299) and components (+50 Protein, +0.04% Protein, +54 Fat) and are medium-sized with strong udder attachments (+1.23 UDC). He is also one of the best NM$ (+522), CM$ (+545) and GTPI (+2215) sires at Select and a graduate of the Program for Genetic Advancement Canada (PGAC).

HealthMark sires for healthy cows
7HO11038 Mr Welcome TALBOT-ET (EX-91) sires cows with high quality milk (2.75 SCS), durability (+5.0 PL), fertility (+3.5 DPR) and total performance (+2211 GTPI). A Super son from a 7HO7615 Solid-Gold COLBY-ET (EX-93-GM) dam, he has no Shottle or PLANET in his pedigree. TALBOT earns the FeedPRO designation and is the new leader at Select Sires for Milk (+1,761).

7HO11059 Springhill-OH PATRIOT-ET follows the same pattern by transmitting exceptional DPR (+3.2), PL (+4.9), GTPI (+2230) and Net Merit (+418). His daughters are moderate in stature with extremely strong fore udder attachments and high, wide rear udders (+1.30 UDC). PATRIOT is a FeedPRO and DIAMOND SELECTion sire.

7HO11150 Furnace-Hill Super ZIGGY-ET (VG-88), a direct descendent of Windsor-Manor Rud Zip (EX-95-4E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) with four Excellent dams, is the highest DPR sire (+4.2) at Select. As a HealthMark sire, he transmits low Somatic Cell Score (2.76) and longevity (+5.0 PL). ZIGGY is a FeedPRO sire and a Superior Settler™.

Excellent Type with components
7HO11103 Mr GoldNOaks MAGNUS-ET (EX-92) is a Man-O-Man son from Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella-ET (VG-89-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) with a GTPI of +2216. He combines exceptional components (+53F, +0.15%F, +40P, +0.11%P) with outstanding Type (+1.54 PTAT, +1.38 FLC). MAGNUS daughters are tall, strong, deep cows with high, wide rear udders and central teat placement.

7HO11080 Mr Regancrest Mano ARRIK-ET (VG-87) is a Man-O-Man grandson of Md-Delight Durham Atlee-ET (EX-92-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) a PLANET- and Shottle-free pedigree. He follows the pattern of Atlee descendants by siring tall, open, wide cows with superior udders (+1.41 UDC). ARRIK improves Protein production (+0.05%P) as well.

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