All West Beef Program Manager, Morgan Johnsrud, has known the owners of Five Mary’s Farms, Brian and Mary Heffernans, for seven years now.

Morgan shared some insight regarding how our relationship with Five Mary’s Farms began. “I have bred their cows at their well-known ranch in Northern California for several years, starting before I began working for All West Beef. I was introduced to them through Brian’s brother-in-law, Donald Doverspike. Donald and his brothers, along with his parents Mark and Susan, are owners of Hotchkiss Company in Burns, Oregon and All West Beef customers, as well.”

When Brian and Mary first bought their ranch, they purchased a set of bred heifers from fellow All West customers, Herb Holzapfel and Tehama Angus Ranch. After trying artificial insemination for the first time, they chose to postpone this practice for a number of years while establishing their breeding strategy. Two years ago, they felt comfortable enough with their herd management to implement A.I. back in to their program.

“We have used 14AN422 DISCOVERY, 14AN439 INDEX, and 7AN473 LEGENDARY. They place emphasis, on carcass traits of marbling and ribeye area for their farm-to-fork beef program, while still placing emphasis on sound physical structure. They have had consistent conception rates in the mid-sixty percent range. This year, I was assisted by Independent Beef Sales Representatives of All West/Select Sires, Will Harrison and Carson Collier, along with Carson’s fiancé, Kailey,” said Morgan.

“As you can see, it’s really all about relationships! This one in particular helped them build a successful A.I. protocol to assist their business and provided us experience with a great ranch and even better family to work with!”

We appreciate the Heffernans family and especially Mary for documenting the experience with her honest, up-close-and-personal review of our services! Watch the video to see for yourself!

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