Start From Day One

Calves are one of the most valuable assets on any farm. It is important to start on day one to ensure their future success in your herd. Building a better heifer starts from the ground up and what you do for your calves today, will impact a
lifetime. It is important to remember, the five most golden rules in calf management: COLOSTRUM, CALORIES, CLEANLINESS, COMFORT, and CONSISTENCY.


You never get a second chance at your calves’ most important meal; the first one. Quality colostrum is one of the most important factors in getting a calf off to a healthy start; however, in many instances, a consistent supply of high-quality colostrum is a challenge. Harvesting and administering quality colostrum requires diligence, decision making and ongoing training for everyone involved.  The primary goal of feeding colostrum is to achieve successful passive transfer, which occurs when the antibodies from quality maternal colostrum or colostrum replacer are absorbed into the calf’s bloodstream.  Colostrum quality (IgG concentration) can vary significantly from cow to cow within a herd. First Day Formula® is made from high quality bovine colostrum collected from first and second milkings on Grade A dairies across the country. It can be used as an alternative to feeding maternal colostrum as a means to provide successful passive transfer of immunity to the newborn calf. In addition, where maternal colostrum may lack quality, or for colostrum value assurance when feeding maternal colostrum, First Day Formula® can be added as a supplement. Dual replacement/supplement application makes First Day Formula suitable for dairy and beef operations. Also available is First Day Formula® Deluxe which features all the benefits of First Day Formula® plus the addition of First Defense Technology™. A calf’s ability to absorb immunoglobulins steadily decreases and ceases 24 hours after birth. Ideally, colostrum should be administered as soon as possible after birth; within four hours if possible. Quality, Quantity, Convenience, Biosecurity, Cleanliness, and Consistency are all extremely important for your calf’s first meal, all made easier by using First Day Formula®. Recent research in one of the largest colostrum studies to date demonstrated virtually 100 percent successful passive transfer when calves were fed First Day Formula colostrum replacer (150 grams if IgG per feeding).

A majority of calf health challenges occur within the first 21 days of life. Adding a Direct-Fed Microbial (DFM) to milk replacer or whole milk is important to support calf intestinal integrity and overall health. Tri-Mic WD, a water dispersible direct-fed microbial, is formulated to provide a complex combination of live, naturally occurring microorganism to enhance the environment of the GI tract. Tri-Mic WD improves gut health by establishing beneficial microbial populations which crowd out bacterial pathogens. Improving overall health of the calf reduces the occurrence and severity of scours, improves feed intake, feed utilization, conversion to dry feeds, growth rates, and immune system development. All of the above translate to a return on your investment by reducing the days to weaning, less antibiotic cost and treatment, reduced labor and a healthier, faster growing calf! For those with a pasteurizer, Tri-Mic WD is ideal for adding after pasteurization.


Bridging the critical immunity gap in the first 21 days is crucial to calf health. A calf must rely on antibodies provided from colostrum (maternal or replacer) until its own immune system is developed at 1-2 months of age. Colostrum antibodies only last for approximately 16 days. The absorptive surface of the small intestine is developing during the first weeks of the calf’s life.  Since a calf’s immune system is not yet fully developed at that stage, there is a high risk of pathogens establishing in the digestive system causing digestive and respiratory disease. Therefore the highest incidence of illness and mortality happens in the first 21 days. First 21is a unique combination of bioactive feed ingredients designed specifically to assist in bridging the critical immunity gap. First 21™ is available as a complete milk replacer or as a supplement. It contains IgG’s from colostrum, plasma, egg yolk antibodies, and a dose of Tri-Mic WD. These ingredients will help improve your calf’s digestive system development, increase its immunity, increase ADG, and reduce scours.


The Accelerated Genetics brand offers a premium portfolio of liquid feeding strategies for pasteurized waste milk and milk replacer feeding programs.  All milk replacer formulas are manufactured with a unique technology resulting in a 100% instantized product so powder goes into solution with minimal mixing and is consistent throughout.  All Accelerated Genetics brand milk replacer formulations include Tri-Mic WD, our own high-quality water dispersible direct-fed microbial.  Accel Whole Milk Protein Pivot is a 28:8 PWM balancer.  Select Sires has the expertise to apply the highest quality PWM enhancement products to an ideal calf feeding strategy using our calf feeding tool. 

PWM is deficient in a number of vitamins and trace minerals when comparing standard values for whole milk to the National Research Council (NRC2001) recommendations for dairy calf nutrition.  Accel Milk Fortifier has all the vitamins and minerals necessary to bring PWM up to NRC recommended levels in bio-available and stable formulations. 


The perfect combination… Tri-Purify and Tri-Start Jr. Statistics show that neonatal scours account for 50-75% of deaths in calves less than three weeks of age. Scours is an issue that almost everyone raising calves will encounter. The initial step in combating scours is understanding the issue. Scours is caused by a variation of bacteria and viruses which cause damage to the lining of the calf’s intestines thus eliminating the calf’s ability to absorb fluids. This results in an increased level of fluids in the manure, thus scours. Tri-Purify is a dietary feed supplement that provides pure, natural essential oils that have strong antibacterial effects to improve the natural immune system. Tri-Purify uses live naturally occurring microorganisms to enhance the environment of the digestive tract. Tri-Purify contains nutriceuticals, intestinal bacteria, and live cell yeast, all attributing to the result of reducing the severity and occurrence of scours. Fermentation metabolites, hydrolyzed yeast, yeast extract, and yeast culture are all present in Tri-Purify and have been shown to
improve weight gain and feed efficiency as well as intestinal microflora. Repopulating beneficial microbes in the calf’s digestive system is imperative following the cleansing action of Tri-PurifyTri-Start Jr. is the perfect follow-up to replenish the beneficial microbes necessary to jump start a calf’s stalled digestive system.

Transitioning from colostrum to whole milk or milk replacer to management induced stress such as dehorning, castrating, shipping, moving, weaning, vaccination and antibiotic treatment, all calves undergo stress. Let Tri-Start Jr. help them through it as this bolus is shown to reduce sick days and bring calves to full feed quicker. Tri-Start Jr. is a direct-fed microbial that benefits the rumen and intestinal tract of dairy and beef calves. It helps to stimulate feed intake by improving rumen function and health by establishing microbial populations which helps crowd out pathogens. Containing live lactic-acid forming bacteria (LAB’s), live cell yeast and fungi, the product enhances the environment of the digestive tract which activates the naturally occurring beneficial digestive microbes.

Are you offering your calves water? Water may be the most overlooked factor in many calf raising programs. A majority of experts agree that calves should be offered clean fresh water at one to two days of age to aid in the calf’s rumen development. Drinking water also encourages the calf to eat dry feed at an earlier age. Feeding milk or milk replacer is not a substitute for water. Though a young calf’s water consumption may be low, it is important to have it available. Supplementing water with an electrolyte adds increased value to the young animal. Calf Accellyte is a source of energy, electrolytes, and Fructo-oligosaccharides for nutritional support of non-ruminating calves. Calf Accellyte contains potassium and sodium to replenish electrolytes and restore proper fluid balance. Blended with glycine and citrate, Calf Accellyte improves electrolyte and water absorption. Buffers aid in minimizing metabolic acidosis of the calf, while Fructo-oligosaccharides help establish beneficial microbial populations. Calf Accellyte may be added to water daily or administered to calves experiencing dehydration. In all cases, when feeding Calf Accellyte, continue normal milk or milk replacer feedings, as well.  Calf Accellyte is to be mixed into water only.  Not intended to be added to milk or milk replacer.

Health challenges can be disruptive in any calf management program. When your calves are showing signs of illness or scours, and they simply need help bouncing back, Accel RS (Recovery Solution) is a great choice. Accel RS is formulated to offer the support your calves need to recover quicker. This specialized, 4-modes of action formula, has been developed to help your calves RESTORE nutrients, RE-ENERGIZE the body, RECOLONIZE the gut and REHYDRATE their system. The Accel RS formula contains plasma to help heal the gut and reduce peak diarrhea volume, and Glucose and Dextrose help the calf regain the energy it needs to amount an immune response and recover quickly. Accel RS also contains a dose of Tri-Mic WD to repopulate the gut with beneficial microflora “good bugs” to help the calf bounce back. Lastly, electrolytes are included to help prevent or correct metabolic acidosis and dehydration.

Transitioning from milk replacer to a high-quality calf starter is extremely important. Accelerated Genetics 19% Calf
is ideal in promoting early and rapid rumen development. Calf Accelerator is highly palatable and easily digestible enhancing intakes, feed conversion, rates of gain, and overall calf health.

Cold Weather… When you put on an extra pair of socks or thermal clothing, remember your calves! As winter approaches, keep in mind that calves are generally comfortable between 50°F and 80°F, the range known as the Thermoneutral Zone (TNZ). The TNZ of a calf is the temperature range in which a calf uses no additional energy to maintain its body temperature. Body temperatures higher or lower than TNZ means the calf is using extra energy to keep cool or warm rather than putting that energy towards growth. Calves experience the least cold or heat stress in the TNZ. When temperatures fall below their lower critical temperature, calves must begin using their energy to maintain their body
temperature. Select Coats help your calves’ combat cold weather. Select Coats are made of a proprietary insulation that wicks moisture away from the calf. An adjustable heavy-duty, quick release, elastic leg strap and adjustable brisket strap make dressing the calf a one-person task. Select Coats provide superior thermal capabilities, are water resistant, and
durable in the harshest weather conditions. Machine washable and ready for the next calf.

Calf comfort and environment are important factors in overall calf health, welfare and performance. Select Sires offers the complete line of Calf-Tel calf-housing products. Whether you’re raising 10 calves or 10,000 calves we have calf housing that can help improve your labor efficiency, calf health, and profitability. In addition to calf hutches, calf pens, and group housing, we offer a complete array of accessories. 

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