14AN427 CONNEALY STINGRAY 9618 is a proven Calving Ease, ranking in the top 4 percent of breed for both CED and BW, STINGRAY is a high customer satisfaction bull with excellent calf vigor. His daughters are gaining attention for their rib shape, fleshing ability and beautiful udders. They are the cowman’s kind that work well in low-input environments with a positive $EN.

7AN525 SPRING COVE COMPOUND 12E is an elite Calving Ease sire with a lot of performance and end-product value. His outcross pedigree will bring a lot to the table from every angle – maternal advantage, top growth in WW and YW and several other traits that rank in the top 25 percent and better. Use COMPOUND to improve Marbling and bring that attractive look to your calf crop. Use an ideal mating on COMRADE and Consensus influenced females

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