October is National Co-Op Month and All West/Select Sires is proud to be a farmer-owned-and-controlled cooperative! This month’s All West All Access live, which premiered on our All West/Select Sires Facebook page, featured our All West General Manager and CEO Jim Wells discussing the importance of agriculture cooperatives, the benefits our member-owners receive, and how to become a member-owner of All West/Select Sires yourself!

Click the video below to learn more with Jim!

What benefits do All West member/owners receive?

Being a member/owner of All West/Select Sires entitles you to:

  • Ability to represent yourself and other producers as a Director or Delegate on the All West Board
  • Participate in district meetings/elections
  • Help drive the future progress of the cooperative
  • Earn profits on all qualifying semen purchases
  • Receive cash patronage cash payments twice a year
  • Receive discounts on certain purchases if accounts are current and paid by the 25th of each month

What is patronage?

Patronage (in cooperative terms) is a dividend or distribution that a co-operative pays to its members or investors. Patronage dividends are given based on a proportion of profit that the business makes.

Did you get a patronage payment in your mailbox? If not, and you are a customer, you’re missing out on a membership opportunity that provides great return on investment!

How do customers become member/owners of All West?

If you are already involved with All West as a customer, it just makes sense to also enjoy the benefits of being a member/owner. The membership “process” takes just a few seconds to complete, but the benefits will more than compensate for it! It’s even free to join. All you have to do is contact us to receive and complete an All West Membership Card to start enjoying the privileges of membership!


Click the photos below to learn more about our current member-owners!


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