This 7HO12344 RAGER-RED daughter is Groves-Vu Ragger Tabbey-Red (EX-91) from Groves View Dairy in Missouri.

Here in All West Territory, RAGER-RED has gained popularity with black and red producers alike! All West PGA/GDP Coordinator Tony DeMello shared his thoughts:

“I have liked him since I first saw his daughters in our Program for Genetic Advancement (PGA). They have really good frames and strength and very correctly attached udders. While providing Select Mating Service (SMS), I have seen a lot of his daughters with very consistent type. As a bonus, he is not from the Apple family, making him a good outcross sire choice.

He is really one of the first red bulls who checks all of the commercial producer’s sire selection boxes (Milk, Components, Calving Ease), yet still has the ability to make the fancy ones, like the cow pictured here. It’s no wonder he’s consecutively been one of our Top 5 selling sires across the nation!”

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