The April 2019 sire summary evaluations reflected adjustments and changes from the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB).

Sires less than 90 for Breed Base Representation (BBR) are receiving Multi-Breed Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTA) created using pure-bred population data from their component breeds as determined by BBR. These sires will be identified with the evaluation type as April 2019 CDCB-M or by their BBR value. Sires possessing BBR values between 90 and 100 have an evaluation computed on an all Jersey data and reference population and are identified with the evaluation type as April 2019 CDCB-S. While there are noticeable changes on a few bulls from the December 2018 sire summaries, this change will create more stable and consistent evaluations in the future.

Unregistered Jerseys, identified with the UR prefix, have the previous Jersey Performance IndexTM (JPITM) and Jersey Udder IndexTM (JUITM) notations replaced with URPI and URUI.

April Sire Summary Highlights

SelectSires’ daughter-proven lineup offers many elite GJPI sires, including 7JE5004 CHROME (+189 GJPI) at No. 2 and new graduates 7JE1490 GREG (+166) and 7JE1474 SALSA-P (+160). Young sires offering high GJPI values include 7JE1657 MIAMI (+185), 7JE1684 JX AMSTERDAM {6} (+185) and 507JE1733 JX WHIRLAWAY {3} (+184).

Boost your bulk tank and your bottom line with Select Sires’ elite production and Cheese Merit (CM$) sires. Daughter-proven sires offering high production pounds coupled with valuable CM$ include SALSA-P (+1,141 M, +582 CM$), CHROME ( +1,217 M, +580 CM$) and GREG (+872 M, +548 CM$). 507JE1722 JX DASHIELL {6} (+689 CM$) leads Select’s young sire lineup for CM$ while offering big milk production (+1,252 M).

New Health and Wellness Data

Select Sires is also excited to offer Jersey breeders additional selection tools with the introduction of new wellness traits. Sourced from the Zoetis CLARIFIDE® Plus genomic test, this data predicts lifetime profitability for Jersey lineup sires. The new data offers three selection indexes, including Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®), Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) and Calf Wellness™ (CW$™), as well as other individual wellness traits that predict resistance to health events like Milk Fever, Mastitis and Metritis. These singular trait predictions are presented as STAs, meaning any value greater than 100 is above breed average.

Select Sires dominates the wellness indexes with more high-ranking sires than any other genetics company. Ranking as top sires on both the DWP$ and WT$ listings are CHROME (+726 DWP$, +115 WT$) and GREG (+721 DWP$, +125 WT$). Leading the CW$ listing are 7JE1354 TEXAS (+94 CW$) and 7JE1344 MATT (+85 CW$). Young sires also rank extremely well, with 7JE1528 DISCO (+832 DWP$, +126 WT$), 7JE1628 AMP (+671 DWP$, +18 WT$) and 7JE1638 RESPECT (+630 DWP$, +35 WT$) as breed leaders.

Fertility Frontrunners

Select Sires’ Superior SettlerTM  designation identifies genetically superior sires that excel in Composite Fertility Index (CFI) and Sire Conception Rate (SCR). Earning this designation with impressive SCR values are daughter-proven sires 7JE5032 VICTORIOUS (+2.8 SCR) and TEXAS (+2.4 SCR), along with young sire 7JE1577 MOONBEAM (+3.0 SCR).

Favorable Type Leaders

CHROME continues to show his strength on the Type rankings, gaining +.1 PTAT, and tying for the breed’s No. 2 ranked daughter-proven sire (+2.7 PTAT). Also earning attention as Type specialists are TEXAS (+2.7 PTAT), 7JE1294 BARNABAS (+2.4 PTAT) and long-time customer-favorite, 7JE1219 OLIVER-P (+2.3 PTAT), the highest ranked Polled sire for Type. RESPECT lands as the breed’s No. 2 young sire for PTAT at +2.6 and offers a favorable JUI value of +32.4.

To improve udder traits, Select Sires has an elite selection of daughter-proven sires, including TEXAS (+34.2 JUI), CHROME (+30.0 JUI), VICTORIOUS (+29.5 JUI) and 7JE1088 COLTON (+26.3 JUI).

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