Jason Dierks, JLB Ranch, Douglass, Kansas

JLB Ranch is owned by Jim Bosler and managed by Jason Dierks, his family and 9 full time ranch hands and 2 individuals performing maintenance, farming and feeding. The original ranch was purchased in 2011 and has been added on to since then in both land and cattle. JLB Ranch philosophy is to utilize technology and genetics to make quality carcasses and productive cows that thrive in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Selecting quality genetics from Gardiner Angus Ranch since 2014 has allowed JLB Ranch to create high quality carcasses that have been fed in various feedlots and harvested at a variety of plants in the Midwest. The quality and supply of fall and spring born calves led Jim and Jason to expand their Angus seedstock selection and explore an opportunity with 44 Farms with the Prime Pursuits program. The fall steer calves are contracted to 44 Farms for delivery in September. Many of those will be 7AN624 Dual Threat sons produced from the intensive AI program at the ranch.

JLB time breeds all first calf cows and turns out sons of the same AI sires for cleanup, with the goal to keep those cows at the front end of the calving season. Most will calve within a 30 day window. This keeps the genetics and age similar in the calf crop and keeps those females productive for their lifetime. In addition to AI, JLB also believes in heterosis and incorporates Hereford genetics into the herd, producing quality F1 females that have performed well at the ranch and sold through VanNewkirk’s bull sale this past year.

Synchronization is accomplished with the MGA/Prostaglandin program on females fed in bunks, such as heifers and fall first calf cows. Females out on pasture are synchronized with the 7 day CIDR protocol. Pregnancy is determined using ultrasound and final success measured with calving dates. A variety of facilities are utilized to get cattle AI’ed, but teamwork in synchronization, including the attention to detail of the feed truck driver, low stress cattle handling, those giving shots and utilizing experience AI technicians is critical to the success of the program. JLB takes pride in their work and the quality of product produced, whether is be a quality carcass or productive beef females.


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