The VALUE of being a member/owner

Delivering value to our member/owners is the core of what we do. We spend every day working side-by-side with our customers to help define and achieve value through the building of great and profitable herds of cattle. To do that involves much more than just selling a unit of bull semen. Anybody can do that. It’s what we do above and beyond that unit of semen that differentiates All-West from being just another A.I. company.

So what makes us different and how do we deliver value? We’re glad you asked! All-West Select Sires provides more than two million dollars of added-value services to our member/owners at little to no cost. Some of these services include Select Mating Service (SMS), Select Reproductive Services (SRS), Program for Genetic Advancement (PGA), and Program for Fertility Advancement (PFA), just to name a few.

Other services we provide that are not available from many of our competitors include nitrogen tank fill service, on-farm A.I. Training and industry-leading technician service.

Our experienced SMS Evaluators are at your service with one goal in mind; to make you thrilled with your 2-year-olds as they calve in! Our All-West SMS team is just as excited as you are to see the development and progress made each and every generation.

The SRS Specialists of All-West are wellknown and recognized for their problem solving skills and reproductive goal attainment. Like the SMS evaluators, they too take pride in seeing your preg rate numbers improve, and get excited when conception goes up, even during harsh weather conditions. The people leading these teams are highly trained and are motivated to make a difference in every members’ herd. Your cooperative makes employee training a very high priority and has invested more time and resources to enable our employees to provide unmatched expertise and problem solving skills. We continue to work hard to recruit the best available talent to join our organization, and proudly our team is made up of men and women who celebrate your success as their success.

So that’s the value we deliver to you as All-West employees, but what are some other valuable things you possess as a member/owner?

New technology

As we talk about training and bringing the best, innovative services to you to achieve your herd goals, we are excited to announce a new program for this fall. On October 1, 2014 we will be introducing the latest development in herd management technology with the introduction of a brand new activity and health monitoring system that is unlike anything else available to date. Watch for more details on our Facebook and website pages and in your mailboxes.

A voice

Your cooperative is customer focused and governed by you, our member/owners. The Board of Directors (made up of producers throughout Washington, Oregon and California) guide and direct our business and give customers throughout the entire area a voice. This is different than other A.I. companies that are run by outside or off-shore investors. It also eliminates the need for high profits to be paid to these same “faceless” investors. When we provide services and products that you have requested, and when the company of All-West remains profitable, we all get to celebrate in the earnings through patronage payments. There’s the difference. Your voice means you’re not just a customer, you’re an owner.

The next time you think about a straw of bull semen, I hope you take a second and think about all the value AWSS brings to you, above and beyond that straw of semen. It’s our pleasure to bring that to you, our member/owner, because from all of us at All-West, we believe that Your Success truly is Our Passion.

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