75 Year Celebration


The Making of an Anniversary
Check back for new blog posts each week as we give you a ‘behind the scenes’ read into celebrating 75 years
At the beginning. Literally.<click here for week one

“75” Is Not Insignificant.<click here for week two

Connect to 7.<click here for week three

Sound of Tradition <click here for week four

Spreading the word. <click here for week five

There’s just no way <click here for week six

Making a Connection..at Trader Joes? <click here for week seven

Opening the Doors <click here for week eight



The Rest of the 75 Year Story
There’s too much history to fit it all in a year’s celebration!  We’ll be taking a look back at even more historical stories from Around All West
Where We Come From <January’s Story

Studcode 13 <June’s Story

Back To the Barn: 1974 All West <September’s Story



Influential Interviews
Our 75th Anniversary Celebration of “How the All West was Won” will feature people who have impacted  All West/Select Sires.
Dick Chichester<January’s Video

Cliff Bailey <February’s Video

First Generation of All West/Select Sires 75 years <1 of 3 Series

Herald Catlin< March’s Video

Robert L. Silva<April’s Video

The Van Mersbergens<May’s Video

Lloyd Vierra<June’s Video

Pete De Groot <July’s Video

Second Generation of All West/Select Sires 75 years <2 of 3 Series

Ken Haak – 47 Years of Service to All West

Jerry Strandlund <Augusts Video

Bob Sexton <September Video

Bill Genasci <October Video

The Martins <November Video

Walt Stornetta <December Video



All West Select Sires Pocketbook <Scrapbook 1979

Evergreen Northwest Breeders Artifact <Scrapbook 1955

Axelson Family <Scrapbook 1960


We are celebrating 75 years in the business and we’re more than happy to be sharing that success with our member owners!  For 75 years, All West has proudly served dairy and beef producers throughout the west, working side-by-side with you as your businesses have grown, added more breeds & colors, and/or made the transition to the next generations of producers and ranchers.  For 75 years, we’ve worked with the best group of people representing us in the field and in the office…people that love helping others succeed and people that love this business more than anything!  And for 75 years, we’ve operated as a member-owner cooperative, giving back to those who have invested their time, trust and herds with us.We have a great year of celebration planned, but we want YOU to be part of the festivities.  Over the next few months, you’ll see quite a bit of information from us and we want you to be involved.  We will be featuring all the contest entries, videos and stories that we have been working on. So check back to the website often and click on the 75 Anniversary tab for the latest news about this year-long celebration.  We can’t wait to hear your own stories of “How the All West was Won!”Submit you memories here: contact@allwestselectsires.com

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