1. Tell us about your dairy.

We raise 400 Holstein and Jersey heifers at Stauffer Dairy in Washougal, Washington. We also grow corn and grass silage.


2. How long have you been a member-owner of All West/Select Sires?

I believe we have been members of this cooperative since 1982.


3. Why did you choose to serve in a leadership role for this cooperative?

I strongly believe in member-owned cooperatives. It is very important for members to share input on what is best for all dairy producers and ranchers.


4. What is your breeding philosophy?

Since we only raise heifers, calving ease and conception traits are most important to us.


 5. Who is your all-time favorite Select Sires bull, past or present?

7HO2236 Emprise Bell ELTON is a favorite of mine. He wasn’t the best bull we ever used, but he was one of the first bulls we mated with. It was so exciting to see the improvements!


6. How do you benefit from doing business with this cooperative?

In return for doing business with this cooperative, I receive quality service and honesty. It is also nice to know that the profits are being returned to the member-owners.


 7. What is your favorite memory in your experience with All West/Select Sires?

I have some of the best memories building relationships with the All West Family. After our dairy experienced a devastating fire in 2012, we received support above and beyond what anyone would have expected from our All West salesman, Larry Kipp.

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