Interested in CowManager, but not sure exactly how it works? You can now download their new Demo App to discover the benefits of monitoring your herd 24/7 with CowManager sensors!

This free app uses a virtual dairy to give you a glimpse of all modules, the data the system collects, and how to best interpret this data to benefit your business.

CowManager monitors cows by measuring ear temperature and behavior with our ear sensors. This gives dairy producers very precise real-time data on the fertility, health, nutrition and locations of their cows. Save time, prevent unnecessary costs and increase the productivity of your herd, along with these additional benefits:

  • Measures ear temperature and behavior
  • User-friendly technology with plug-and-play installation
  • Continuous updates via over-the-air-programming
  • Valuable data allows fact-based decision making
  • Ensures a more sustainable and productive herd
  • Maximizes heat detection for higher preg rates
  • Saves you valuable money and time
  • Extra set of eyes on your cows 24/7
  • Excellent support from your local All West/Select Sires cooperative

You don’t have to take our word for it… download the Demo App today to try it for yourself!

Download the Demo App here!

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